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The CIA guy will give him a military base in the Caribbean waters if he will accept the offer, Kaz finds this as an opportunity to expand Snake’s army but Snake refused. He wasn't being metaphorical. Big Boss Voice. Oct 25, 2017 16,034. After destroying TX-55, the Outer Heaven fortress will self-destruct. Big Boss. While Miller calls for his blood I opt to exile him instead, knowing that fools like him are prone to suicide anyway. So there you go guys, I know that my grammar is bad, since it’s not my native language, but I hope you all understand. Tag this mod Description; Files 1; Images 4; Videos 0; Posts 10; … Also evil. The elderly version of Big Boss who appears in the end of Metal Gear Solid 4 is voiced by Chikao Otsuka (Akio Otsuka's real-life father) in Japanese and by Richard Doyle in English. Nov 2, 2018 433 494 455. Here’s my YouTube channel: And here is my Steam account:, Make sure to read the comments, with the help of other redditors, Big Boss' story expands lol, I also answered some questions in the comments. Miller damns the real Big Boss to hell ("he can go to hell") after finding out the Big Boss planned such a big secret move behind his back and just up and left him. Nine years has passed, Big Boss woke up from his coma and rumors started flying all over the news. The whole MGS V story happened and here are some key story elements: A ‘language virus’ spreads across mother base and Venom Snake put an end to it in a bloody way with the help of Code Talker. BIG SPOILER, if you havent played original Metal Gear (Metal Gear) for NES, in the end when youre destroying Outer Heaven as Solid Snake, you actually kill ROGUE Venom snake. Voiced Most Times By: David Hayter (in 4 titles) Akio Ōtsuka (in 5 titles) Total Actors: 5 Appearances: 7 Franchise: Metal Gear. The Boss was once the Big Boss of the Philosophers, but when the organization marginalized her as a figurehead she continued to play the good soldier. If you guys wanted to ask something, comment. Solid Snake infiltrated Zanzibar Land and throughout the mission, he met Holly White, and reunited with Dr. Drago, the inventor of Metal Gear TX-55. Gray Fox was captured and his last words in the radio was “METAL GEAR.”. punished snake is MGSV main char, he will be killed in MG1 in Outer heaven uprising by snake real big boss at that time prepare to create zanzibar land, and will be burned in MG2 after that he will be extracted by patriots, and go into nanomachine induced coma, because of wounds. MGS have a very complex and serious story and it’s great when you I try to interpret the whole story and share it to you guys. But back to the point, zero didn't name himself cipher. When logged in, you can choose up to 12 games that will be displayed as favourites in this menu. Safe to use . He accepted the truth and remained as a copy of Big Boss. Unique DLs-- Total DLs-- Total views. Only gonna list a few here. He is first introduced in the original Metal Gear as the commanding officer of the protagonist, Solid Snake, only to be revealed as the leader of the enemy forces, and thus the main antagonist of the game. Ishmael is the real Big Boss. Big Boss got his normal body and limbs back using some parts of Liquid and Solidus’ body. Haven't got to that scene. Original upload 10 May 2020 6:30PM. 13,788. Old Snake decided to visit The Boss’ grave and also decided to kill himself to stop the FoxDie virus in him from spreading but before that happens, Big Boss, the real guy, along with an old Cipher visited him. Kaz survived along with Paz. (no spoilers), So you're telling me Big Boss... (SPOILERS). So whenever someone tries to say patriots in reference to the shady organization, they are forced to say la li lu le lo. Omg true true haha, there is still room for a new Metal Gear Solid game tho. He will never be seen by Big Boss again since he will go into hiding. Pre-MGS Peace Walker Major Zero with the help of Snake, Para-Medic, Sigint, EVA, and Ocelot formed The Patriots using the funds from the Philosopher’s Legacy which was based on The Boss’ will. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts,, Miller accepts just for himself for Venom to be the true Big Boss. He was just burnt out on fighting Cipher for so long. About; Share; Banner recipe; Find similar; Save to project; Comments; Title. Ocelot went back to the crash scene and saved Venom Snake (we are calling Ahab as Venom Snake now). © 2021 GAMESPOT, A RED VENTURES COMPANY. He would resume the latter role in Metal Gear 2: Solid Snake, in which he was the final boss. He then set foot on Costa Rica and suspects that the group brought nuclear weapons with them. Endorsements. BAD ENGLISH INCOMING. He single handedly defeated the entire Cobra Unit, the legendary Boss, Colonel Volgin in a fistfight, the Shagohod, the Ocelot Unit along with it's commander, Peace Walker, and put up a fight against Solid Snake in his own elderly age. SUBSCRIBE for more! Never even given a proper explanation for ruining The Medic’s life. so many people don't even grasp the latter portion though, let alone the nanomachine censoring i mean honestly if you pay attention the plot isn't that convoluted its pretty straightforward. Late to the party: MGSV is really incomplete? It generally takes an estimate of 20 minutes to a full hour to finish s… "In Our Struggle To Survive The Present, We Push The Future Farther Away." Pre-Metal Gear Solid 1Big Boss’ “corpse” was been taken by Cipher’s unit and kept him alive in a coma. 1.0. He still wished that they’ll end their ‘cold war’ and return back as old buddies. Huey and Dr. Strangelove were nowhere to be found. A CIA guy, with him a school girl named Paz Ortega, offered him a job to get intel about a group who also brought a new type of weapon on Costa Rican soil. Big Boss’ body was burnt and he also lost his limbs. Yes, Snake’s first mission, given by Big Boss. It's implied that not even EVA, another former patriot who was loyal to BB, knew of ocelot's plan. It turns out that Quiet also has the language virus but she has the English strain, a reason why she doesn’t talk throughout the game. 1. The medic will be the fake Big Boss, a phantom of him, a Venom Snake. You're browsing the GameFAQs Message Boards as a guest. Pre-MG 1 Years have passed, Big Boss somehow became corrupt which leads to the modern storyline of Metal Gear Solid. The big encounter with the nuclear-armed bipedal tank, dubbed Metal Gear REX, brought a chilling edge to the final moments of the Shadow Moses Incident. Uploaded by DarknessRvaltier. So I connected all the dots and this is what I understand so far of Big Boss’ real story. Ocelot’s been thinking that Eli is one of the products of Les Enfants Teribles. Is the FOXHOUND BB the actual BB or Venom? The president then awarded him the title Big Boss for being ‘better’ than The Boss but he refuses it. To assassinate Liquid Ocelot, it’s actually Ocelot but he thinks like Liquid Snake since a therapy was used in him, the same therapy where Venom Snake believes that he is Big Boss. MGSV Big Boss; MGSV Big Boss. Version. Wait what? Big Boss uses some kind of therapy to the medic to make him think that HE IS Big Boss when he woke up. Download: Manual; 0 of 0 File information. Paz didn't survive. The whole world and Skull Face eventually got intel about Big Boss’ location and decided to attack the hospital where he was being held. Jan 3, 2021 #123 Another mgsv thread for me to shout worst metal gear game. Member. He faces off with Gray Fox, the guy he rescued from the fortress, and defeated him. That’s why it needed to become a very dramatic story.” While Kojima’s aim is to create a complete saga, newcomers to the series don’t have to worry. I just wanted you guys to know that this topic has some HUGE SPOILERS from MGS V and other MGS games! Kojima and his team spent a … After the Peace Walker Incident, Paz took control of Metal Gear Zeke, a Metal Gear project under Big Boss, in order to somewhat convince Big Boss into joining The Patriots again. Well thanks to hex edits and PoisonedMods doing a texture edit to rid Big Boss' face texture of the eyepatch shadow, you can finally play as two eyed Big Boss. Sahelantrophus ‘woke up’ and was being controlled by Phyco-Mantis. Since this was the last straw for the OG Snake, he left and formed a mercenary group named Militaires Sans Frontiere where he took concept from Gene’s Army’s Heavean, as his interpretation of The Boss’ will where it’s an army not under in any government. May 31, 2020 #1 Reactions: Devilich and Arachnid *Kira* Miki Member. MGSV Big Boss; MGSV Big Boss. This games protagonist. Big Boss agrees and told his unit to take extra precautions. He then told him his new name will be Ahab (we’ll be calling the medic Ahab now). Ocelot went back to the crash scene and saved Venom Snake (we are calling Ahab as Venom Snake now). Solid Snake manages to save Gray Fox and destroyed the new Metal Gear, TX-55 by placing landmines next to its feet. He now has enough soldiers in his unit and Kazuhira Miller, let’s call him Kaz next time, helped him to Snake’s goal of interpreting The Boss’ will. How do you know it's a hallucination? (Possible Spoilers), And i returned and restarted yet again, few questions(spoilers). Big Boss will now take the name of the player as he goes into hiding. Endorsements. :), Another important note: Miller accepts just for himself for Venom to be the true Big Boss. She learned from her father the most forbidden secrets of the Philosophers, and as a consequence, the shadowy organization arranged for his death. Solidus Snake was defeated. Big Boss told this to Old Snake so that he will not repeat the same old mistakes of Big Boss. Big Boss show huge respect to Old Snake and some drama stuffs happened. Metal Gear Big Boss then sent Solid Snake inside the fortress (confident that Solid Snake will fail) in order to save Gray Fox, and destroy Metal Gear. He then sent Gray Fox into Venom Snake’s Outer Heaven fortress to look for intel about the said weapon. 117. Big Boss, the greatest soldier in the world, who should likely know that his sons are badasses, since I'd assume someone kept him up to date on Mother Base's activities throughout the years, and Solidus was an active leader of militaries before the Outer Heaven stuff went down. Have I seen all of the story? 1.0. Operation Snake Eater After the Virtuous Mission incident, Naked Snake was sent back to Russia to kill The Boss within a week to avoid a nuclear war with Russia. While escaping, Solid Snake met with Venom Snake, believing he is the real Big Boss. He then finds out about the Peace Walker which sends false information of a nuclear attack to a country. He was captured by Skull Face along with Paz and was brought to Camp Omega. In the second Metal Gear, the bad guy was Real Big Boss. Huey decided to fix Sahelantropus with the help of Eli and the child soldiers that Venom Snake brought to Mother Base. I didn't actually understand that part of the story! Solid Snake stops Liquid Snake from launching the nuke, and also destroyed Metal Gear REX with the help of Gray Fox which is now a cybrorg ninja. I'm guessing fake Big Boss died in Metal Gear 2 and real Big Boss is the one that dies in MGS 4? He then admits than he had done a lot of bad things and realized that Outer Heaven and The Patriots is not The Boss’ real will which is “to make the world whole again”, a world without any kind of wars. There are a lot of discrepancies with your post. Venom Snake met with a sniper named Quiet, and she became his love interest. scene really is all 3 snakes together. Ishmael is the real Big Boss. 113. And because we know nothing about where he went or what he did while Venom was building Mother Base, his motivations also remain unclear." Venom Snake is now dead. Solidus’ corpse was then used later as the fake corpse of Big Boss since he is the perfect clone. He brought Eli to Mother Base along with some child African soldiers. Liquid Snake was later killed because of FoxDie. Maybe he wanted out. They all got back to Mother Base but it was on crumble, it was being under attack by a different unit and everything else was in ruins. Virus scan. I really sympathize with Miller here. Similar to how in Solid Snake's time, they call it the La Li Lu Le Lo, though the reason its called that during SS's time is because of nanomachines in the body basically censoring the work "Patriot". They stole Big Boss’ corpse from Cipher and with some MGS magic. 2 definitely gets close with all its Dawkins-esque exploration into memes and the internet information age propagating useless information and needing a way to store what is important but still. Gaming Discussion IbizaPocholo NeoGAFs Kent Brockman. Venom Snake probably learns about his origins, that he is only a copy of the real Big Boss and he was only ‘the best’ soldier in Big Boss’s unit. also easily disarming him at the elder age of 79. MGS’s long story occurs, and Liquid Ocelot, who now thinks as Liquid Snake, stole Big Boss’ fake corpse and started the Guns of the Patriots System. EVA told Snake (Operation Snake Eater is already finished, and he didn’t accept the title Big Boss so we’ll use Snake for now) that The Boss didn’t really defected to the Soviet Union, she was just on a mission to steal the Philosopher’s Legacy from Volgin, but everything turned upside down when he launched a nuke. When an opportunity came to destroy the organization, she took it. And this is The Boss’ will, which will drive the whole MGS Series… “soldiers being nothing more than political tool”. Zero didn't rename himself Cipher, Cipher is another name for the patriots. She was later captured, killed, brought back to life and lived to fight another day leaving Venom Snake behind. Last edited by chicken; Sep 5, 2017 @ 12:42pm #9. chicken. Original upload 10 May 2020 6:30PM. Big Boss took out Zeke and Paz fell to the ocean. “This episode is the story of how Snake became Big Boss.” Kojima explained. The Medic is a puppet. He developed the martial art known as CQC along with the Boss, and literally knows about almost every weapon, and is especially able to operate them. Pre-MGS John, aka Jack, Snake, Naked Snake, or Big Boss, joined the military during the 1950s and The Boss taught him CQC and a lot of military stuffs for almost a decade. Is the FOXHOUND BB the actual BB or Venom? is the central character of the Metal Gear series. He killed each members of the Cobra unit and he was eventually captured and tortured where you lose his right eye. Without any luck, the Peace Walker decided to destroy itself by merging itself unto water with the help of The Boss’ sub conscience avoiding another nuclear war. Old Snake got confused but Big Boss explained EVERYTHING after CQC hugging him lol, how he got survived during the Zanzibar Land incident, how he got his body back, he explained all MGS shit. Old Snake face to face with Big Boss again. Before the prologue in The Phantom Pain happens, Big Boss already made plans ahead, he decided to go into hiding, build his new unit and Mother Base, Outer Heaven, while the medic will be used as ‘bait’. The government can’t do anything about it since they don’t allow a creation of armed forces. Liquid Snake, Solid Snake, and Solidus Snake were born out of this project. Privacy PolicyCookie SettingsDo Not Sell My InformationReport Ad. The Metal Gear in capitated Skull Face. Hello MGS fans! Paz then plays a recording of The Boss, making him accept the offer believing that The Boss is alive and currently in Costa Rica. All the scenes in the hospital are but a hallucination. Download: Manual; 0 of 0 File information. Venom Snake destroyed the new Metal Gear and was brought to Mother Base. He doesn’t remember anything because of the shrapnel on his head and the therapy was working. Time passes, Sokolov was killed, Naked Snake manages to escape the prison, destroyed the Shagohod killing Volgin with it, befriended Ocelot, and successfully killed The Boss making Operation Snake Eater a success. He then went to The Boss’ grave and became a mercenary. -Gene, the story’s bad guy is building an Army’s Heaven based on The Boss’ will. Ishmael was then saved by Ocelot calling him by the name Big Boss. Where do the bees sleep question , !Spoilers!! I’M NOT INCLUDING PORTABLE OPS HERE SINCE I REALLY DON’T KNOW THE STORY but here are some important story elements, I guess… some say that it’s not cannon… -Snake met Roy Campbell who played an important role in MG2 and MGS… The Roy Campbell in MGS2 is only an AI aka The Colonel.

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