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VS. Zeref. posted by camiile. Saved by Megan Hale - Oscar Peterson PS (1317) 1. End Natsu should also scale to Igneel Flames Natsu. Natsu and Zeref don't even belong here lol, any way team 2 wins. Bref, je suis un peu déçu sur ça. Something like that. This would make Natsu the infamous E.N.D. End =acno>zeref car dans le manga le combat igneer vs acno il fesait presque force égale . Discover (and save!) BobbyBlue 89,481 views. Zeleph VS Ultia. The hunger and sleep magics are the same since he has help from Zeref. Zeref. Natsu's hands weren't damaged from 7 DS mode. - Natsu vs Neinheart - Natsu/Gajeel vs Sting/Rogue - Natsu and Co. vs Garou Knights (GMG) - Natsu vs Ikusa Tsunagi (War God) - Natsu/Afro Happy vs Jackal - Laxus vs Raven Tail - Acnologia vs Magic Ship Christina/Jellal Mindblowling really. seal the Kages with magic. Discover (and save!) Aizen vs Zeref, Natsu and Acnologia. Besides, even if Zeref is on the losing end, he wont tire, Acno will. your own Pins on Pinterest 17:50. -----Current Zeldris, Current Meliodas, EOS Natsu, EOS Zeref ( stats equalized )Round 2 : DK Meliodas, DK Zeldris vs END and Fairy Heart Z your own Pins on Pinterest The fairy tail members can all . Not really, power could have nothing to do with it. Feb 5, 2018 - This Pin was discovered by Erika F. Jones. Exactly think about this if DF natsu was able to vaporize FH Zeref but savage natsu was to temporarily mobilize FH zeref?? However, Natsu talks about nothing but killing Zeref. Feb 26, 2018 - This Pin was discovered by ᴹⁱˢʰᵉʳᵘ. Forum Posts. Around 400 years ago, he was cursed by the GodAnkhseram with the Curse of Contradiction. Created by the Dark Mage, Zeref, Natsu was able to access his demonic power after the mass of Magic in chest was enlarged by Brandish’s Command T. By doing so, his features became more fiendish, and his power immensely increased; After all, he was made to kill an immortal himself. ... Fairy Tail l Natsu vs Gajeel- Reaction!! 4:46. Spoilers below: Please be more specific: - morals on or off? Nous l'avons vu que 5 minutes quand Natsu affronte Gray. But no asspull Erza can dislodge from her bowels can compare to what just happened to Zeref recently. Wiki Points. After being cursed via alchemy rules and trying to develop demons that could one day kill him, Zeref is able to bring Natsu back to life but as one of the demons meant to kill him, because the logic there totally tracks. Natsu x Lucy Unison Raid to Defeat Zeref! 3. Natsu vs Zeref- Reaction!! Zeref is then shocked to see Natsu, saying that he has "grown", but Natsu says that he doesn't recognize the Dark Mage. Fairy Tail Chapter 478 : ANIME ENDING 2016 (FULL HD) funnyvideo. 4:46. @Seven777 that was human acno when he ate his magic vs jellal erza and wendy. 0. TOMORROW. MichaelFrancis11936273. If Natsu kills Zeref, Natsu dies. Feb 28, 2019 - This Pin was discovered by anime addict. Fairy Tail - Natsu's Dragon Form. 2 years ago. Follow 5311. Once Zeref turns it on at will, Madara and Hash are in the trash. For anyone wondering, the two CSM characters are MHS+ (around 1K Mach) and their AP is around large building/small city block level. If Acnologia kills Zeref, Natsu still dies. Mashima put no thought whatsoever into Zeref's … 7 Natsu Dragneel Vs. Zeref Dragneel (Rematch) This fight makes only slightly more sense than the Acnologia fight. 2. August. 0. Fairy Tail Episode 318 Natsu Vs Zeref. 6:26. Natsu Dragneel vs. Zeref. [Spoilers] Unpopular opinion: Natsu vs Zeref (Round 2) isn’t a bad fight but it should’ve lasted longer. Igneer dit à acno de partir car il avait peur de end la question est pourquoi car end à le pouvoir de tuer zeref et acno ce qui fait de lui le premier . His design is a reference to Jason Statham in the transporter, which means he is, at the very least, a physically interesting character. Hear me out. Natsu was alive the whole fight while tagging Zeref because death wave gg wasn't in use, since Zeref wanted a fight, simple as that. your own Pins on Pinterest However, they find it difficult due to the island's strange and aggressive creatures. And even if burnt hands means something, it doesn't give any idea about the specifics. Aizen can cast KS on Boros and Saitama and make them kill team 1 then team finishes them off by soul rip or BFR or just kill them. Zeref gained what he wanted in the form of infinite magic, and as such should’ve beaten Natsu with ease. Larcade could remove Natsu soul but if he uses END's power that could snap himself out of the Pleasure like Kagura did. As it turns out, Natsu is Zeref's younger brother who died more than 400 years ago during a dragon attack. When he tells the Fairy Tail Mages that he has been expecting Natsu's arrival, Natsu misinterprets the statement as a declaration of challenge and rushes towards Zeref, landing a … Jacob Lessio is a member of Zeref's Spriggan 12 and, as such, he stands as one of Fairy Tail’s strongest mages. Trending. Disappointed, Gray takes this as a confirmation of Invel's words, beginning to imagine how his greatest rival is also his greatest enemy, responsible for all the darkness in his life. Thread starter MonkeyDNaruto; Start date Sep 16, 2015; MonkeyDNaruto Member. d apres le scan 445 zeref a fonde arballess pour pouvoir rivaliser avec acno et sa puissance titanesque.zeref tout seul ne peut le vaincre et c est pk il le craint on l avu sur l il tenro zeref avait peur.acno lui attent un adversaire avec lequelle il pourra se battre avec tte sa puissance donc conclusion acno=end>zeref>natsu endormi. Read Natsu VS Zeref from the story Fairytail:The Dragneel Siblings by Akira_997 (AKS) with 468 reads. Meliodas vs Zeref & The Spriggan 12 121 results; 1; 2; 3; GXrevs06. Aizen TYBW version Zeref, Natsu and Acnologia strongest versions if gap in speed is too much - speed are equal. Et j'aurais aimé voir END vs Zeref le mage blanc car on nous as caché que Natsu était END et je pense que nous avons était plusieurs à attendre impatiemment de voir END ou de découvrir qui c'est et tout ça pour le voir 5 minutes? 1 Summary 2 Powers and Stats 3 Gallery 4 Others Zeref Dragneel was considered to be the strongest, most evilMageof all time, who possessesextremely dangerous, and powerful Magic know as the Black Arts. Followers. I will be putting the dragons in front of Zeref with Fairy Heart because we don’t know whether it would have worked against them or failed like all other magics but Dragon Slayer magics have. fairytail, jerza, nalu. Loading... Unsubscribe from BobbyBlue? See more ideas about zeref, natsu, fairy tail ships. Morals off. BobbyBlue. Natsu E.N.D Form vs Zeref Finale Prediction Check out my prediction for Natsu vs Zeref Final Fight Acnologia. END Natsu. Discover (and save!) [Discussion] Natsu and Zeref vs Acnologia. This battle could go 3 ways tbh… 1. It's tough but I'll take Mavis and Larcade, Larcade's built to stop humans and Mavis is basically an equal to Zeref (not saying power/magics but as in a counter to each other). - Duration: 17:50. Zeref's Death Wave. Apr 15, 2019 - Explore Fatima Khan's board "brothers natsu and zeref" on Pinterest. Natsu Dragneel’s true form is Etherious Natsu Dragneel, short for END. As they are being chased by a wild beast, Elfman and Evergreen fall down a hill and finds a strange guy. Le deuxième puissant est zeref car acno ne peut pas tuer zeref due à son immortalité déduire que Natsu>zeref>acno (modifiée par 2m. Je suis un peu déçu car Natsu N'a pas éveillé sa forme END. This is one of the easier ones to comment on, given that we actually saw Jacob go up against Natsu during the series. Natsu winning: Natsu’s battles really only end in a tie, or his loss. As a manga reader that liked and was disappointed with the final arc, I honestly enjoyed the final two fights against Zeref and Acnologia were pretty good for the most part. THE MANDALORIAN Boba Fett Show Announced Is The Book Of Boba Fett Season 3 Post Credits Explained . Luffy's CoO is almost a non factor as Natsu possesses a form of limited precog of his own. The … This comes down to mindset. RELATED: Fairy Tail: 5 Anime Characters More Powerful Than Gray (& 5 Weaker Than Him) And yet, somehow, he was powerful enough to put Zeref down. The Mandalorian. Prologue In order to become an S-Class Mage, Elfman and his partner, Evergreen, continue to participate in the second trial. Logically DF>savage natsu but since zeref was down by savage natsu is stronger. Fairy Tail : DRAGON CRY 2017 END Natsu Death Zeref x Mavis Kiss. Il croise ensuite le chemin de Ultia et dit combien il est triste que Grimoire Heart ait réussit à le mettre en colère. spoiler.

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