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Record your own itinerary from the Wikiloc app, upload the trail and share it with the community. Not only is it one of the best on Skye, but it can hardly be bettered anywhere in Scotland. Of course I had not been up every little bump with a 1500 foot contour. Exciting coastal path around the Sgùrr na Stri peninsula in a great bay with a sandy beach that almost spreads Caribbean feelings. Sunbathing seals, near Coruisk: Seals and Shag, near Coruisk: After disembarking from the RIB at the landing steps, we walked the hundred or so metres to the Coruisk Hut. Stay high as you approach, descending to the shore only after you have passed the trees. It feels like a climb for sure. The picture above, taken from just below the summit, is of Loch Coruisk and the main Cuillin Ridge. Otters in Loch nan Leachd Rounding Sgurr na Stri and heading towards Loch Coruisk Buzzard defending nest on Sgurr na Stri Approaching The Bad Step Looking up the An Garbh choire Looking across Loch Coruisk Looking back down An Garbh choire towards Sgurr na Stri Large landslide boulder in … Bob and Fiona also circumnavigated the loch, enjoying the flowers and wildlife en route, including sightings of an eagle. This time we came in from the north, following the clear path along Glen Sligachan to a fork. Mist was swirling over the Cuillin ridge, coming and going even over our lower hill. Alan Dawson's list of 'Marilyns' uses 500 feet or (since OS maps are now metric) 150m and this was the list I had been using. We went by boat from Elgol to the landing Jetty at the head of Loch Coruisk. See my other films for the Drone flights in Bad Step area. Sgurr Na Stri Wild Camping. It is a truly awe-inspiring view. To the south east, Gillean’s ridge snakes away towards the sea and the distinctive profiles of Blà Bheinn and Sgurr na Stri. Nerves hit me as I neared the coast. Sgurr Na Stri rises from sea level next to fresh water Loch Coruisk. Sitting on the summit of Sgurr na Stri I had little time to contemplate these numbers nor the long road which had brought me to this glorious spot. Isla de Skye. Here the Cuillin ridge is displayed in all its splendour and many walkers lunch here and then return direct to Sligachan. Sir Hugh Munro used no specific drop to decide which hills should be separate mountains and which should be subsidiary tops. The Black Cuillin Ridge was formed 60,000,000 years ago and is all that remains of an eroded magma chamber of a huge volcano. The 221 Corbetts and 224 Grahams are subsets of this list. Stay high as you approach, descending to the shore only after you have passed the trees. Or, walk on round the base of Sgurr na Stri (negotiating the alarming Bad Step) to stunning Loch Coruisk right in under the Black Cuillin, where that is another bothy (booking needed) or you can camp, and where you can explore the southern end of the famous Black Cuillin Ridge and even arrange a … Sara The path gets rougher as it climbs the hillside and curves around the lower slopes of Sgurr na Stri. Is it marked? Sgurr na Stri above the landing stage and mountain hut - very tranquil now . To us it sounded like the perfect place to jump off and swim in, in truth it’s quite a manageable climb and we did it without any problem and with our kids in tow. The Red Cuillin are mainly made up of granite which was less resistant to the glaciers than gabbro, hence the rounded appearance of the hills. Munro's list is of course the most well known list of Scottish hills. Also, during periods of heavy rain, the Allt a' Chaoich may be impossible to cross (see Locality 1, below). The notorious Bad Step is opposite the northern end of the little island in the loch, just past the only trees on the route. Download its GPS track and follow the route on a map. Loch Coruisk - Sgurr Na Stri - The Bad Step Hiking trail in Camasunary, Scotland (United Kingdom). The views: Pule Hill does have great views but Sgurr Na Stri’s are some of the best you can soak up. Sgurr na Stri had a White Cuillin backdrop which in turn had a dark cloud behind offering amazing contrast! ... i.e. It is also worth approaching close to the edge of the cliffs for a great view almost straight down towards the Bad Step and two beautiful sandy bays (pictured). Furthermore, on the inward journey, the so-called Bad (or Ladies') Step on the west side of the Sgurr na Stri Peninsula will have to be negotiated with care, but without difficulty. The Bad Step on Sgurr Alasdair is avoided quite easily down to the right by a loose shallow chimney, then easier, fine grade II scrambling to the summit. Thanks!! The easiest descent is down the Great Stone Shoot to Coire Lagan. Islands, Munros An Garbh-Choire, Coruisk, Coruisk Memorial hut, Dubh Ridge, Sgurr na Stri, Sgurr nan Eag, Skye, The Bad Step 13 Comments. the bad step on the coastal path - mid picture - up a bit then down a bit . The time taken to get there: I can walk to Pule Hill from my front door in 30 minutes or so. The path gets rougher as it climbs the hillside and curves around the lower slopes of Sgurr na Stri. The small climbing passages are easy to do. Sue joined Dan and co for the first part of her walk past the bad step again, followed by a circuit of Sgurr na Stri and Loch Coruisk. Search for: Recent Posts. You could get down to Coruisk from the pass between Sgurr na Stri and Sgurr Hain without the bad step (sorry no grid refs, at work) Some playful otters distracted me, when really I just wanted to get on with it. Comprised mainly of hard, rough gabbro rock and smoother basalt the ridge was sculpted into its current form by glacial activity and subsequent weathering over the millennia, which created the unique jagged character of the Ridge. Last week saw me up on the Isle Of Skye for a week staying in Kilbride near Torrin. Spent one night here after hiking along the coastline from the town of Elgol, 3 miles south and climbing 1500 ft along the cliffs of Sgurr Na Stri peak. The notorious Bad Step is opposite the northern end of the little island in the loch, just past the only trees on the route. Sgurr na stri Wild camp and more in the area. Narrative: At about 8 pm on the night of 7 December 1982 after descending to about 1,000 feet over Loch Scavaig, F-111F s/n 70-2377 struck the southern face of the 1,620 foot peak of Sgurr na Stri, on the Strathaird Estate, in the Cullin Hills on the Isle of Skye, near Loch Coruisk, Scotland**. Bad route finding meant that we made this traverse considerably more difficult than necessary, ending up descending a tricky rock step to reach what was probably the true summit of the hill. you … We went by boat from Elgol to the landing Jetty at the head of Loch Coruisk. looking back at Sgurr na Stri - note the boggy shoreline . The left branch continues to the bothy and the right soon starts to climb to a bealach below Sgurr na Hain. I’m sure I’m not alone in considering this walk from Elgol to Loch Coruisk as the most scenically spectacular coastal walking … The views were astounding and they only got better. Misty Isle Boat Trips: Loch Coruisk / Sgurr Na Stri - See 611 traveler reviews, 503 candid photos, and great deals for Elgol, UK, at Tripadvisor. Please click on a picture to see a full sized version. The views are simply sensational. The weather seemed to change every 30 minutes, from light spotty rain to clear windy skies to heavy downpour. All the Scottish Marilyns over 3000 foot are now Munros (though some Munros are not Marilyns). Such great weather too, and a stiff breeze keeping the midge away. This was the criteria used by J Rooke Corbett in his list of Scottish hills between 2500 and 3000 feet high. It then heads north below the rugged west flank of Sgurr na Stri to reach the It seemed very logical to me to introduce a lower category of hill between 1500 and 2000 feet and because 1500 feet is just half the height of a Munro I decided to call them Mini-Munros! We picked the line in the guide and kept it pretty hard. A continuous line from sea level to summit, its 900m elevation is quite simply unmatched in the UK. This is feasible in descent, but very exposed. The tapes of Christine Primrose and Arthur Cormack worn thin as they sang to us in Gaelic along the A74, calling us back again and again to the beauty of the Highlands. Any other tips? We followed the superb quality rock of the ridge to Sgurr na Stri summit, and over and down to Loch Coruisk to get the boat back to the car. What a place! Sgurr na Stri was an extra special hill for me because here I was completing the ascent of every hill in Britain over 1500 feet high. The obvious highlight is the sawtooth wave of the main Cuillin ridge, massive across the deep gulfs of Harta Corrie and Corie Uisg. From this angle the staggering scale of the route is apparent. Answer 1 of 12: Were planning on hiking the Sgurr na Stri next week.... Do we need a map or is the trail easy to follow? Here are some pictures taken from this outstanding viewpoint, unfortunately somewhat muted by the swirling mist and lack of sunshine. Sgurr na Ciche. Rum from Sgurr na Stri Jackie on Sgurr na Stri Northern Cuillin from Sgurr na Stri Garbh-bheinn and Bla Bheinn Rum Although the air was chilly once the sun set, it was still a great evening to sit out looking at the Cuillin and out to sea. But Im guessing you couldnt get it below a grade 2. Sgurr na Stri: It was great to get close to the basking seals. The more energetic may descend to Loch Coruisk but the contouring path towards Sgurr na Stri is the more obvious though it fades after reaching the ridge of the hill. The outlook from the top of Sgurr na Stri is fantastic. The weight I carried up Sgurr na Stri was much more than for my usual camping excursions but I would do it all over again in an instant if I knew I would be lucky enough to get those views one more time. More recently the Graham list utilised the same drop for extending this downwards to those hills between 2000 and 2500 feet. Certainly this climb marked one completion but it is certain that we shall not stay away from the mountains. This has resulted in many arguments and revisions of the tables over the years, not just because of resurveying but because of difference of opinion as to what should count as a separate hill. Monday was a leisurely day for most with bird and wildlife watching from the beach. It’s then a short walk to the freshwater Loch Coruisk. Discover everything you need to know about Bad Step—a hiking attraction recommended by 5 people on komoot—and browse 10 photos & 2 insider tips. As we rounded the shoulder of Sgurr na Stri sharp peaks sprang into view, prominent among them the curved profile of the Dubh Slabs, topped by the jagged Munro summit of Sgurr Dubh Mor. I dropped down to Camasunary Bay (feels like a second home due to copies framed photos of this area at home!) Not on this walk, the "Bad Step" is on the coastal route round from Camusunary round to Loch Coruisk. The Bad Step is known as a treacherous part of the walk with an exposed clamber up a rock with a drop into the sea. One of my objectives was to complete a wild camp or two depending on the conditions. There is a precedent for considering 500 feet as the drop required for a separate hill. 2015 – the year in review; Sgurr a’Mhaoraich (Loch Quoich) The Easians (near Roy Bridge) Forvie Sands (Aberdeenshire) Loch Coriusk surrounded by high hills of the Cuillens . But today I could only gaze in wonder from this magnificent summit. After a short hike round the coastal path over 'The Bad Step' and forking left up the hill we arrived at the bottom of the South Ridge/Face of Sgurr Na Stri.We had a great view up the mountain, out to ,the sea and of Camasunary bay. The sun was rather warm, but the breeze wasnt!The scramble on the ridge is awesome. Check out my playlistsPlease feel free to like, comment or subscribe, and check out my Playlists for films like this We scrambled up amongst rocky outcrops, soon gaining the crest of the ridge with stunning glimpses down onto Loch Coruisk and Loch Scavaig, a sea loch, where a tiny boat had probably brought in a party of sightseers from Elgol. During the crossing, we got good views of our first intended hill, Sgurr na Stri. Camasunary, Sgurr na Stri and Loch Coruisk via "The Bad Step" and Glen Sligachan Using this list the number of Scottish Mini-Munros is exactly 250 along with 45 in Wales, 34 in England and 2 in the Isle of Man. Its a great grade 3 at least but you can simplify every part of the climb to your ability. Sgurr na Stri Although only 497m high, it lies in the heart of the Black Cuillin on the Isle of Skye and therefore must rank as one of the finest viewpoints in Britain. There’s a well trodden coastal walking route from Elgol to Loch Coruisk along the cliff top taking in Glen Scaladal, the beautiful bay at Camasunary, round the slopes of Sgurr na Stri and taking in the notorious Bad Step before reaching the head of the sea loch at Scavaig. I descended Sgurr na Stri and walked towards Loch nan Leachd, home of the infamous Bad Step. and relaxed and spent time capturing still and film footage. Note that the true highest point of Sgurr na Stri is actually the eastern summit, 200m away across a deep gash. Behind lay so many years of hill walking, so many acres of bog, so many empty hills, summits swathed in mist or long vistas, with towards the end the knowledge that every hill in sight was one which we had climbed. It was obvious however, on reaching the first big cairn, that another top lay beyond with an awkward looking rocky gap between.

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