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Nothing that lives remains the same forever. Frea (Dragonborn DLC) Another Dragonborn DLC exclusive, ... Lydia is the iconic Skyrim follower that even players who haven’t played the game yet know of, mostly because she’s been the subject of memes since pretty much the game first came out nearly a decade ago. We can proceed when you are ready." … After you defeat the Gatekeeper and travel to the dining area, she'll say: "Dead end? This is a Follower mod from ATF With four followers to find. You mean leave the village to journey with you and fight at your side? She says It has been an honor, Skaal-friend, but then just keeps following me. Frea will then exit conversation and say: "Come, there looks to be a way out through here." Frea is a Nord living in Skaal Village. No, stop!" She now wakes up at 8am and starts her day hanging out in the Shaman's hut for two hours. But his path seems to have been a cruel one. Sign in to follow this . Something has taken control of most of the people of Solstheim. Miraak was trying to take power here, and protect himself in the process." You will now have a few options: As a follower, she will say the following greetings: The UESPWiki – Your source for The Elder Scrolls since 1995, Actors in this will never fill world interaction aliases,, Skyrim-Factions-Actors in this will never fill world interaction aliases, Skyrim-Factions-DLC2SkaalVillageCitizenFaction. It cannot be much farther now. This leveling occurs regardless if they are actively following you. When leaving conversation, she'll say: "We must find out what is at work here.". When it comes to being chieftain, she is like a wolf with her jaws clamped tight upon a fresh kill. Incredibly annoying but unquestionably effective, Cicero is the keeper of the Night Mother, the rotten body in a coffin… We can proceed when you are ready." Each follower, except J'zargo, Celann DG, Durak DG, Ingjard DG and Frea DB, has a maximum level and a specific set of primary skills, which are dictated by their class. Mods off.100 enchantment/smithing gear.Frea´s profile: We need to find a way into the temple below." If you learn the first word of Bend Will at Saering's Watch and cleanse the Wind Stone before first meeting Frea, Storn will send you to find her. I have no doubt you can find a way up. After The Fate of the Skaal she can be persuaded to become a follower. "There are few of us left unaffected by this curse. The land and the Skaal are one. I shall wait here for now." Perhaps Storn has been lost as well..." You can now tell her everyone is safe: "Truly? There is nothing more I can do here. or "All-Maker guide you.". 2. Look around. Frea is a Nord shaman found in the Skaal Village on Solstheim and is only available if you own the Dragonborn DLC. Description: A female Nord vampire found during the quest Awakening. If somebody wants I could share the Frea, Serana and Valerica I've got saved. I've taken Frea back to Skyrim with me but I'm worried she'll abandon me because she said she'd need to return to her people. Skyrim is still going strong, even after all these years. ", Frea will then sit by Storn to assist him with the barrier. When you activate the boilers, she'll detect the Centurion: "Beware! Oh, Lydia. Although Frea is not directly involved in this quest, she does have some comments if you have her as follower during the quest. Character Versions [Add Version] Pg. You meet her at the Temple of Miraak on Solstheim. These NPCs journey with you, encountering huge beasts, betrayals and quests. Here, yet... not. They must be freed soon." Frea and Ralis have Dual Flurry. I do not like this place. I fashioned an amulet to guard me against whatever has taken hold of the Skaal, but it is the only one of its kind. At the Summit of Apocrypha: Confront Miraak at the summit of Apocryphaand defeat him once and for all. ... Can I bring my Skyrim followers with me to Solstheim? ", When you enter the Aqueduct, Neloth will complain about the swimming, to which Frea will respond with: "You should leave slogging around in the muck to us youngsters." Does that mean... is it over? If you use mods, it seems possible for the follower to end up in other places. or Breezehome. Lolno. I do not want to put my hand anywhere near the mouth of that statue." Sick mink appear to rise from the dead in Denmark. I shall follow when you are ready." Cicero is one of the best companions you can get in Skyrim for a plethora of reasons. Was it worth the effort?" Taking the average scores it's Lydia 50.5 seconds, Frea 29 seconds, but bear in mind that Frea's average includes a run with only 1 sword and no shield. You can persuade her to be your follower after doing the second Dragonborn DLC quest. When you free the villagers, she will start a new daily routine in the Skaal Village. A female Nord warrior from Skaal Village. I have no doubt that lever turns these blades off. When you lower all three bridges in the first chamber, Frea will congratulate you with: "I think you did it." After completing The Fate of the Skaal, you can tell Frea you fight well with her and she should join you: "Join you? MBWS Follower mods on the Nexus? Frea as permanent follower. She told me to seek her out in the village and ended the dialogue. One of very few pure-blood vampires still roaming the world, she is central to the Dawnguard storyline. Let us hope that is the last of these traps.". Copyright © 2021 Robin Scott. A secret passage in the dining area just opened up. Lolno. Close. We will not have to listen to his complaining." This is the destiny that the All-Maker has laid out for me." She'll then look up and say: "Look up there. Is Miraak defeated?" Basically anyone can find a perfect companion in Skyrim that will make this game even more interesting. For everyone else, Serana is an excellent option as a Skyrim follower. Evil. Now lay down your tent and set up camp, because here is Every Skyrim Follower Ranked Worst To Best. Oddly enough, her words get really choppy when she says that line. She is also invincible and will use restoration spells when her health is low. Not if Fanari has anything to say about it. You must stop it!" Given that, when I rate a “replacer”, it’s not on as steep a scale as a full “stand-alone follower”. ", "I do not blame you. - posted in Skyrim Technical Support: Ive exhausted every option I can think of. Initially she can be found a the Temple of Miraak, pleading with the enthralled to return home. Once Storn agrees to give up his secrets, she'll try to stop him: Frea: "Father, you must not do this. She does not have a level cap, and thus will keep accumulating experience indefinitely. Finally, some very special followers can level infinitely with the Dragonborn (J'zargo, Ingjard, Frea and Dark Brotherhood Initiates). Given that, when I rate a “replacer”, it’s not on as steep a scale as a full “stand-alone follower”. Kill Miraak. But unlike most, he turned against them. You'll now have two options: When you greet her, she will now mention the loss of her father and her new occupation: "My father was a noble man, and a true Skaal. A follower levels up according to your level, up to the follower's maximum level (which varies for each). - posted in Skyrim Technical Support: Ive search the forum and unable to search the solution for my problem. It represents one of the aspects of nature, a part of the All-Maker's creation. Where is Frea located? We'll need it.". Seeing the remains hung up like trophies must have enraged them to no end." Storn has used his magic to raise a barrier around it, protecting the few of us left. All rights reserved. I am not very skilled with editors in general. Frea is a beautiful nord woman who is Shaman but do not that fool you. You'll now have three options: If you chose the first or last option you'll have three more options: Either way, she'll say: "One more thing, Skaal-friend, if you will. I always thought that I would be a great hunter, or even the village chieftain." And I don't remember if there were any files they depended on or not. No Frea Follower Dialogue - posted in Skyrim Technical Support: I recently completed The Fate Of Skaal Quest and afterwards, I was able to successfully persuade Frea to follow me. Once you acquire the fifth cube, Frea will muse: "Now we will see if he knows what he is talking about." Frea: (to you) "Please, tell Storn what has happened. The Oneness of the land is restored. There is no other way to say it." I am here to either save my people, or avenge them." Frea was done after only 26 seconds this time. Not only does Frea not have a level cap, but she is also essential and thus cannot be killed. I'll try the dark brotherhood initiate. Once he considers you a friend, you can ask him to follow you. The powerful open-source mod manager from Nexus Mods. Our people are lost to the madness that infects this island. Since Frea's amulet is part of her default outfit, it is somewhat more difficult to get her to equip necklaces as a follower, since they typically do not have an armor rating which would outclass her default amulet. Am considering buying Dragonborn DLC. In time, perhaps I could lead as well. After The Fate of the Skaal she can be persuaded to become a follower. Followers 0. If you ask her what she's saving them from, she'll explain the dire situation: "I am unsure. This may be worth exploring." Neloth: "That's correct. You need to complete the main Dragonborn DLC questline for her to become a regular follower. 2. She is one of the few characters that automatically dual wields, the other being Rayya. Frea: "No, but I have brought someone who has seen things... He/She has confirmed that Miraak is indeed behind the suffering of our people." She knows the Alteration spells Ebonyflesh and Ironflesh, and the Restoration spells Close Wounds, Fast Healing, and Heal Other. I know he chose this. What do you know about Miraak? This issue has been addressed by version 1.0.2 of the, If you visit the Temple of Miraak before starting. Active 4 years, 9 months ago. Can Frea follow me back to Skyrim? It seemed as though you were not really here. She'll then say: "The village is just ahead. My father Storn, our shaman, says Miraak has returned to Solstheim, but that is impossible." When I talked to her again, there was no Follow me option. This page was last modified on 7 January 2021, at 23:57. She'll then say: "Something feels wrong. When she notices you, she'll approach you: "You there. Will you come with me, further into this accursed temple?" As she dashes towards Storn, she'll tell him the discovery you made in the temple: Frea: "Father! Most people will vaguely mention a temple and point you to the Temple of Miraak. She'll then walk over to the broken staircase and say: "The stairs are knocked out. She was caught in a terrible snowstorm while returning home from gathering firewood. Launching Skyrim When Bethesda launched Skyrim, it was a huge next step for the Elder Scrolls series. With no level cap, Frea can keep up with the … Frea and J'zargo also level infinitely, as well. Voiced by Christine Slagman, the dialog is not only witty and humorous, but also reacts to surroundings, other NPCs and select quest lines. Edit: I've re-run the tests with both followers wearing tempered daedric armour, but this time I gave Frea a pair of tempered Stahlrim axes, as I said above.

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