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Any thoughts or experience is appreciated. Gorilla Glue is a polyurethane glue. My master carpenter is wrong sometimes, but I need to be able to show him how and why. I think the strength recovers when it cools, but I'm not certain. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast, More posts from the woodworking community. It is nontoxic, solvent free and cleans up with water. Any one has idea if Titebond is safe enough for cutting board? I mostly use this as a clamp for things you can't get clamps on. Input or suggestions needed. Thank you good sir! TB3 is normally thinner than TB2. It is designed specifically for interior woodworking and repair projects, such as cabinets, trim and molding, window casings, furniture, picture frames, stairs, and veneering. It does not fail if properly applied and cured. Free Shipping by Amazon. On the other hand, it handles heat well, has extremely long open working time, is 100% waterproof, doesn't run too badly, and lubricates tight joints rather than making them bind up like water-based glues can. FREE Shipping on orders over $25 shipped by Amazon. Titebond II was significantly stronger, and the wood broke, not the glue. I understand it's decent for iron-on veneering, but aside from that I don't see much reason to use it. /r/woodworking is your home on reddit for furniture, toys, tools, wood, glue, and anything else that has to do with woodworking as a hobby or profession. It feels like a glue should, but this bottle of Titebond 3 seems super thin, it doesn’t feel like it has that thick glue consistency I’m so used to. 1-16 of 82 results for "titebond 2" Skip to main search results Eligible for Free Shipping. I’d use Titebond II for outdoor … Spread the wood glue, put a few drops of CA on it, hold the pieces together with your hands for 2 … Just a little experiment I did with liquid nail and titebond 2 It looks like Titebond 2 is ok for indirect food contact as well so maybe I’ll just stick with my tried and true. 4.8 out of 5 stars 347. Or ma'am. It isn't any stronger that TBII as far as I know, just water 'proof' and has slightly longer open and set up times. I've eaten gallon of each in my shop. Titebond Original is for interior use only, Titebond II is water-resistant, and Titebond III is waterproof (well, technically its MORE water-resistant). All of our Titebond wood glues are safe to use and produce no harmful fumes. I like it fine, I have gone through many gallons, and have never had any problems whatsoever. Titebond 3 works great overall, and the product I purchased here was no exception. He explained that III was some marketing thing in response to gorilla glue. Plenty of YouTube vids showing this. So if you have a project that will be exposed to light water (cutting boards, outdoor furniture, etc..), Titebond II will suffice. If diluted, with what? It's quite possible that they cure at different rates, and the one with more strength at 4 hours isn't the one with more strength at 24 hours. I’ve always used 2 for some reason so it seemed super thin to me. Both Titebond 2 and Titebond 3 are for outdoor use. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. 99. I sent email and called Titebond question this matter, but they don’t reply to me. Thanks a lot for your help! I use Titebond III for all my projects because it's easier to only keep one glue on hand. Titebond 3.5 Gal. Titebond II is Type II water resistant. Original vs Titebond 2 vs 3 The articles I've seen where they tested a whole bunch of different glues indicate that Titebond 3 is the best all around wood glue. They meet the requirements of ASTM D4236 for safe use with arts and crafts. I have historically just always used Titebond 2 and the viscosity is fairly thick. - Every day, woodworkers, professional contractors and do-it-yourselfers reach for the brand they trust most…Titebond. Epoxy is waterproof and absorbs into the wood more than carpenter glue. Once I left some segments on the glass overnight and the squeeze out from Titebond 3 pulled out a chunk of the glass I had to use a tack hammer to remove the glued up segments. Pure or diluted? Better to spend a few dollars on new glue than to use something that is suspect. III broke quick and the glue definitely broke, II took my entire weight and the wood broke. I started using titebond, however, I remember from past experience that the polyurethane glues seem to be a great deal stronger. I remember TBIII being pretty thin, I also know that it’s got the longest cure time which would make sense when paired with the thinner consistency. The price difference is negligible, and I like the longer open time. Not recommended for eating, but also I’m not your doctor. Titebond II is 10-20% cheaper and Titebond III is recommended for outdoor or high humidity environment. Titebond III Ultimate Wood Glue and Titebond II Premium Wood Glue have both been approved for indirect food contact. I usually finish each ring of segments before going to next step or calling it a night. Yeah it's thinner. The primary differences between Titebond Original, Titebond II Premium and Titebond III Ultimate: Titebond Original has been the industry standard in woodworking for over 60 years. But like I said I … The master carpenter at my shop recently demonstrated the difference between the two glues. This is a high end custom order so before I go any farther with it I wanted to verify if this was just how TB3 normally is. CA Glue (super glue). Press J to jump to the feed. Doesn't get any better. Titebond 28 oz. West Systems seems to be … Why buy Titebond 2 vs 3? From what I know, II is water resistant while III is waterproof, and has a little bit longer open time. I use Titebond II for almost everything, and keep some polyurethane glue around for gluing up box joints and stuff I think will get super wet. Mind that it tends to dry black/brown. That’s good to know, I was hoping to hear from people who use it a lot. I use III for landscaping terrariums because it is food grade and doesn't degrade with consistent dampness. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast, More posts from the woodworking community. This glue does not seem to be quite as thick as Titebond 2, but 3 is still quite workable on a given project. Set your store to see local availability Add to Cart. The manufacturer claims Titebond shouldn't be stressed for 24 hours. I'm building a small 12 foot boat from luaun, gluing it with titebond 3 (green bottle, says waterproof). What brand of epoxy is best? If I'm worried polyurethane might not be strong enough for a certain project, I might go buy a small bottle of Extend for a complex glue-up or TB3 for a wet project, but I don't bother keeping these around.

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