tray and plate carrying techniques ppt

Posture. A weir on the tray ensures that there is always some liquid (holdup) on the tray and is designed such that the the holdup is at a suitable height, e.g. Don't carry the plates too high or else the plates will touch food. Lunch tray. Carrying and loading trays: When trays are loaded, remember to place the heavy item in the centre so as to balance it properly. Sitemap. Today we’re going to review the proper skills and techniques used when traveling within the cafeteria during meals. Valve trays In valve trays, perforations are covered by liftablecaps. Each tray has 2 conduits, one on each side, called downcomer. See more ideas about cheese platters, cheese, platters. Figure F-3 Cable Feed into Cable Tray d) Cable sheaves or a shoe may be used to guide cable into the desired direction, maintain minimum bend radius, and reduce friction. 3. blue plate … 8. Presenting the Check. Tray Carrying Techniques. Vapor flows lifts the caps, thus self creating a flow area for the passage of vapor. The plate or platters can be decorated with suitable ingredients to enhance the overall presentation. • "Plating food" refers to placing food on a plate in as appealing a manner as possible. Ensure proper housekeeping is taking place so that you may get as close to your lifting … Carry heavy loads at waist height where you have the most power and control. Maintain a straight back and keep your arm straight so the plates won't tilt, disturbing the food presentation. Data collection sheet. Plate . Check out our video on food presentation for a visual guide. such that the bubble caps are covered by liquid. Please read the attached PowerPoint presentation, PDF files and watch the video which shows how to set tables in the dining room. Carrying loads on one shoulder, under an arm, or in one hand creates uneven pressure on the spine. 6. 7. Dec 17, 2013 - Explore Ailish Mullally's board "Cheese platters", followed by 109 people on Pinterest. Attractive presentation makes a garnish tray more appealing so you should learn the techniques for creating a balanced, colorful and appetizing buffet arrangement. You can carry a fourth plate with your other hand. There is a certain technique that is used here at DBS for carrying a lunch tray while still being able to … ¾ Put it on your left hand between your little finger and your thumb, put the fingers flat under the plate Sheaves, or a shoe, may be used to guide the cable into the tray. An understanding of food plating techniques will help your staff to improve overall presentation and enhance the dining experience for your guests. Food Plating Techniques. 1. Move items close to the body and use the legs when lifting from a low location to minimize bending and reaching. c) From cable reel to cable tray, the cable is fed from the top of the reel to main-tain required curvature. Liquid falls through the downcomers by gravity from one tray to the one below it. the plates are prepared with a whole main course such as meat, vegetables, and other food which are placed in a plate divided by ridges. 8. Many cooks give short shrift to this concept, but let me assure you, presentation is a very important part of the dining experience because we eat with our eyes first.• Introduction of the Lesson. Quizzes and Games. Plate Carrying Techniques. How to carry 3 cold plates How to serve the guests What you need - 3 plates Techniques : Step 1 The first plate How : ¾ Seize the 1st plate with your right hand : your thumb on the edge of the plate, your other fingers under. Pen/pencil. Clearing Tables. 2. tray service 7. blue plate service this type of table service is used when the group is small, the table is small, and the area for dining is small. Plating FoodHow to Plate Like a Pro 2.

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