how to spot a puppy scammer uk

Reliable breeders take responsibility for and have confidence in their dogs. Talk to other dog owners. Some sellers will want you to make a down payment before collecting the puppies. A puppy for sale scammer can use a burner phone to dupe unsuspecting buyers. You can find many sellers online, but it is important do your research. You can't believe your eyes when you see the pictures and the low price. Insist on seeing the puppies before buying them. Often times the scam artist finds you. A fake breeder will not have such information; however, this information can be falsified. Throughout this year, hundreds of people have fallen victim to adverts selling pets that don’t exist. You can also check online organizations like the American Kennel Club to see if the puppies are registered. Ask specific questions about their dog-buying experience. The wording in the email should be proper English. Visit a professional vet clinic to have the medical records verified. All Rights Reserved. While some reputable breeders do in fact sell dogs they feel are not “show-worthy” at a discount, those dogs will be typically neutered. Don’t worry — it’s easy to spot puppy scams online if you’re aware of the red flags to look for. One of the most popular breeds of dog, the German Shepherd, demands a lot of respect. This can happen any time, but you'll often see it during the holidays when people are more emotional about finding a new family pet. Fraudsters generally use pictures of real puppies from other ads or Facebook posts, and you can use Google's reverse image search to check if that photo has been posted anywhere else. You want to have a payment method that is traceable, so that if need be you can dispute the purchase. You can always tell an authentic photo of puppies on sale just by looking at it. Always check if the phone number given is registered to a trusted user. I hope you enjoy my site and if you have any questions about caring for or looking after your dogs (Or other pets) then please feel free to get in touch with me - I love to help and I love to share my knowledge. You are not likely to suspect anything amiss when you are offered a ‘healthy-looking’ puppy with all its medical papers in ‘order’. You visit a reputable newspaper or online classifieds website. If neither of these is an option, here are some tips on avoiding Facebook or Craigslist puppy scams. In other words, it the scammer is targeting people in the UK, he will give you a number that begins with "70". When the victim has picked out the pet they want, the scammer asks them to pay a deposit, followed by funds supposedly for insurance, vaccinations and delivery. After the first payment is made by the victim, the scammer will often make up a believable story on why they need an additional payment, and the farce will continue for as long as possible. You will also find the correct medical information of the litter on such sites. Before you report a scam, there are steps you can take to protect yourself from things getting worse. Puppy scams often originate abroad. It is important to first do your research before getting a puppy. Note that airports require picking up live animals on site, with appropriate documentation. A reputable breeder is also able to tell you the dog's entire pedigree with ease, including health history and anything else you wish to know. Sellers that insist you wire the money. Scammers prey upon individuals and families who just want to give a dog a good home. If you believe that you have encountered a puppy or adult dog buying scam, please report it. Whether you’re trying to spot a potential school shooter, a dangerous romantic partner, a total liar at work, a scammer on the internet, or someone pushing a … Buying a puppy can be a complex process, but adding an adorable new member to your family is well worth it. The photos are usually taken in the puppy’s natural environment either playing or sleeping. If you are going to be a puppy, let it be a healthy one with no history of sickness or other health-related concerns. In the ad or website, if you see claims of the dog still being breed-worthy for future pups, there's a good chance you've just found a dog selling scam. The ad is posted by someone claiming to be a reputable breeder, with the dog being offered at … Puppy scams. Make that first visit to the area where the dogs live. Avoid such scammers at all cost. They will use lines like ‘We have way too many puppies with us. Know about your chosen breed and any regulations that apply. The AKC collects information and enacts inspections of breeders throughout the country. It’s simple. 5. Ensuring you are using the right method to…, Buyer Beware: How to Spot a Puppy Scammer. Are the puppy photos posted anywhere else? They may also pressure you by saying that failing to pay higher fees can result in your losing the selected puppy, or even worse – they will claim to report you to the FBI for animal abuse because you failing to pay puts the dog in danger. Bringing a new puppy home is the best feeling ever. It’s extremely easy to spot a scam on Facebook if you know what you’re looking for. Humans and canines have been hunting together for a long time, probably ever since dogs were first domesticated. The animal being advertised is often a popular breed and the asking price is lower than the market value. This will be either in the same ad/website, or done separate (but you can search their email address to see if they posted any other ads with separate breeds). Here are some of the places you can quickly do this and help stop puppy scams: You can also share this information with veterinarians, local animal groups, on Facebook or other social media. Did you know that 80% of online puppy ads are likely to be a scam? This is why you should never take online puppy ads at face value. They are not only beautiful and highly intelligent; they are also extremely perceptive. Wheither you have a soft spot for a 10 week old puppy or you want to help a needy adult dog in a shelter, these criminals can target you. The price can be higher if the dog is vaccinated and has been feeding on a high-quality diet. Luckily, the anatomy of how offenders organise pet scams is fairly simple and there are some early warning signs to spot them. NSW Police arrested a hairy … The UK is renowned to be a nation of animal lovers, and understandably, the breeding, buying and selling of many types of pets within the UK is big business. Do you feel more comfortable marching... © 2020 Write CSS OR LESS and hit save. “I found so many puppy scams online and was terrified of buying my puppy sight unseen,” Vikki B. of Florida wrote to PuppySpot soon after welcoming home her Pug. These payment websites also have your transaction details saved in case you have to register a complaint later. Compile a chronology of your interactions with the scammers and specific amounts of … See if you can pick out where the scammer gave him/herself away. A quick online search lands you on this captivating photo; an adorable little mutt whose gorgeous eyes immediately connect with you. The scam begins with an ad on social media or a pet sale website. You cannot take anyone’s word for it, always double-check medical records. Better Business Bureau (BBB) conducted a study on Craigslist puppy scams (and other similar internet sales of dogs), finding that 12.5% of all reported online purchase fraud was related specifically to puppy sale scams as consumers filed tens of thousands of reports. All rights reserved. The study also includes real stories of scammed people: Most puppy sale frauds are done over the internet because online animal sales are still unregulated. Everything feels right and you cannot contain your excitement as you hit the checkout button. The website must have the right encryption (SSL) to ensure financial transactions through the site are safe. Everyone loves a puppy, scammers take advantage of this. Reputable breeders typically have waiting lists and far more professional means for advertising. I just wanted to introduce myself so that you can put a face to my blog. Generally, the purebred dog of this breed will cost you about $5,000 at a reputable breeder, but the ad or the fake breeder's website offers the same dog for only $500. How these scams work. Wait to buy a dog until after you've seen them up close, and met the breeder or group organizer. Let them know that this advertiser is a scammer, give them the email address of the scammer, and ask them to remove the ad(s) and to blacklist this person. Report a Scam/Fake Facebook Page and have it removed! Don’t let your search for a furry friend be sidelined by a scammer – make sure the seller and the puppy are the real deal. Again, you want that meet-and-greet and nothing less. What do you know about the litter? Sometimes this is true, but unless you have a way of verifying it, remain wary. If you are in the US, scan the wording and determine if it is a native speaking US citizen. I recently took up blogging as a way to share some of my knowledge and educate dog lovers on how best to care for their precious animals. When shopping around for a new pet, it is only natural to want to avoid dangerous dog breeds. These scammers know how to tap into the emotions of their victims. If the scammer stole the puppies from a legit puppy for sale site, the last thing they want is you smoking out their hideout. This is a great time for you to make sure that the pup fits into your lifestyle, and it's also a sign of a reputable seller. If you don't have one already, you are going to need a veterinarian anyway. 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After they sell the dog to you, they may want to see how the pup adapts to your space, other pets and household residents. Any image that looks overly-edited or pixelated should raise question marks. Be wary of any seller. The same applies to the UK, New Zealand, Australia or other English-speaking countries. If no such number appear on cellphone company records, it is burner number. How do you spot a puppy scammer? Also, a purebred puppy is likely to be more expensive compared to a mixed breed. The only way to avoid this is through a face-to-face meeting. Criminals can create a single puppy scam website like in minutes For the cost of a $10 domain name and hosting, a criminal can copy a website and host it within minutes. If you transferred money to the scammer in the last 24 hours. The number is not in the UK! Scammers often target people in their late teens and twenties; At least 80% of online pets sales ads and websites are fake; Western Union and MoneyGram are the primary outlets used by fraudsters; Most victims are from the U.S., Canada and Australia; U.S. states with most scams are California, Texas, Florida and New York; Most scammers are from Cameroon, West Africa; The average amount victims lose is $300, but in some cases it was up to $5,000; Most popular breeds are the ones most likely to be found on these fake ads (e.g. Do not fall for these scams. Can you call the number and speak to an actual person. There are certain things that people find especially endearing among certain dogs. Everybody agrees that adopting a rescue dog from a shelter is always more praiseworthy. Dog welfare organisation the Kennel Club also fears the pandemic has made people more irrational when buying a puppy – with more than a quarter of people happy to pay a … Does the seller allow you to see the pet? If the scammer contacted you in other ways, such as through the mail, through text messages, or on social media, make copies of those messages as well. Date: Tue, 21 Aug 2007 19:24:24 +0100 11:42am May 18, 2020. If the number is rarely picked or goes to voicemail, that’s your cue to move along. Scammers have found ways to forge medical records as well. Some of these backyard breeders will even give you the dogs for free if you pay for shipment. With the reputable breeder, the price you are quoted will be guaranteed, any “extras” itemized before the deposit and clearly spelled out in writing. Dogs are perhaps the best animal companions humans have ever known. Who wouldn’t want such a special friend to live with us longer? Always check if the phone number given is registered to a trusted user.

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