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Sweep or vacuum to remove small particles, like you would with sealed hardwood. A great deal for floors that no one sees very often. Murphy Oil Soap Wood Cleaner for Floors and Furniture - … Natural Plant Based Best Hardwood Floor Cleaner. Can I just use water and vinegar to wash my wood floors? Cleaning your floors has never been easier. And we focus on the details, so you have a clean, orderly office every time. Untreated: Untreated floors require the most care because they can be easily scratched and stained. Soap-based cleaners tend to leave residue on hardwood. Did you floor come with a warranty? That’s why it’s essential to pick a suitable cleaner, and we can help. Although it’s claimed to be safe for the environment and hypoallergenic, the warning label includes an ethoxylated, alcohol and C9-11 hazard. Once you mop a spot, it should dry quickly. The BestReviews editorial team researches hundreds of products based on consumer reviews, brand quality, and value. Use the smudge test to find out. While regular sweeping or vacuuming will help keep your floors from getting dull over time, a good mopping with the right cleaning solution will restore your floors’ shine. Get exclusive content, advice, and tips from BestReviews delivered to your inbox. Bonus points for working on all hardwood types in addition to stone tile. Check it before cleaning your floor. All Rights Reserved. The crew did exactly what I wanted done very efficiently and the arrival time was within the time frame provided. No smell. To determine whether you have wax-sealed floors, drop some water in a discreet spot and wait a while. The ideal formula depends on your floors’ finish. Q. I have been with them for 7yrs and am not using anyone else!" The Bone Stone, Tile and Laminate Floor Cleaner is a versatile product, formulated for non-wax sealed flooring systems like ceramic, natural stone, terrazzo and marble. Choose options. Multi-Purpose Hardwood Floor Cleaner Solution Refill (2-Pack) Swiffer WetJet Multi-Surface Floor Cleaner Swiffer WetJet Multi-Surface Floor Cleaner is a pre-mixed cleaning solution made specially for the Swiffer WetJet all-in-1 power mop. Bona has long been considered one of the best specialty floor cleaners on the market, and it’s not hard to see why. Run a finger along your floors. Some say it dulls bamboo floors. This cleaner is great for cleaning real wood floors, laminate, tile, and marble floors. Whether your needs are residential or commercial, Pro Care Carpet Cleaning has the certified, experienced, and punctual technicians to get the job done right. Using too much water is bad for hardwood, even well-sealed wood. Hardwood floor cleaner ingredients. A. This cleaner is great for cleaning real wood floors, laminate, tile, and marble floors. The staff is very nice and efficient and they are receptive to me giving them direction like this. Most hardwood cleaners are suitable for these floors, and you can tackle messes easily on these mop-friendly floor finishes. It is so wonderful to have the great care and attention given to our Home. Most hardwood flooring will likely need resurfacing and resealing every decade or so, depending on the amount of traffic in your home. Other finishes: Other hardwood floor finishes include lacquer and shellac. Hides small scratches and makes floors look new again. Top choice for those who are passionate about using green, cruelty-free cleaning products. Black Diamond Marble and Tile Floor Cleaner is safe for floors and the entire family. Floor Cleaners. Penetrating finishes require a little more maintenance than surface sealed, but they’re low odor and nontoxic, so the application is less involved. A. Pro-Care specializes in Carpet Cleaning, Upholstery Cleaning, Oriental & Area Rug Cleaning, Tile & Grout Cleaning, Natural Stone, Resurfacing, Cleaning & Sealing along with the Best & Safest Fiber & Fabric ProTector in the world. Bona was named the “Best Hardwood Floor Cleaner for Large Areas” on due to its “floor-friendly ingredients” and its ability to “handily remove dust, dirt, and grime.”. Click to open expanded view. $2.89 - $7.69. It's safe and fast drying formula dissolves dirt and tough, sticky messes to reveal the natural beauty of your floors. If you haven't had a chance to see their reviews or if you want to post one yourself, please visit one of our social media sites. Remove furniture and other obstacles that are in the way. This mixture might also dull your floors. The Spruce Best Floor Cleaners: Bona. Choose options. These are the products we considered that ultimately didn't make our top 5. Unlike most cleaners, this product doesn't contain VOCs, alkyphenol surfactants, or petroleum. For best results, don't use too much. Avoid steam! Q. Surface sealed: Sealants include polyurethane, urethane, and polyacrylic. These finishes penetrate into the wood grain, harden, and protect against surface scratches and moisture. Oxidizers: Formulas with oxidizers offer extra-strength cleaning power. Water and hardwood don’t mix. It’s an inexpensive alternative to other finish types, but it requires unique maintenance and regular upkeep. If you finish cleaning and discover areas that don’t appear to be drying quickly, dry them with a cloth. Cleaning … - Bill N., Vancouver, WA, "They have cleaned our offices and inventory homes for over two years. They took the time to explain what I needed to do and with what products. New Colors. Bona is near the top of the charts on Amazon’s best-seller lists too.. Also works on tile, marble, bamboo, and vinyl. That way, you’ll prevent streaks. Buckeye® Crossbow™ No Rinse Cleaner - Smart Sac BKI 5004 ... Procare Janitorial Supply, Inc. 489 North 1st Street Grover Beach, CA 93433 805-773-6508 we never accept anything from product manufacturers. The iLife V3s Pro has three cleaning modes – whole floor, edge and spot cleaning, which sends the vacuum slowly spinning into a spiral as it focuses on one area. Buying guide for best hardwood floor cleaners, Hardwood Floor Cleaner and Polish Restorer Combo, Professional Wood Floor Restorer and Polish, Professional Hardwood Cleaner Concentrate, High Performance All-Floors and Hardwood Cleaner. For many, shine lasts about 6 months. These are technically surface finishes, but they’re not as water or stain resistant compared to their urethane cousins. 3 reviews of Procare Janitorial Supplies "Had to strip and wax a vinyl floor and went in to ask questions. Owner and staff were extremely knowledgable and helpful. We then choose a shorter list for in-depth research and testing before finalizing our top picks. I really appreciate their flexibility and consistency. By Buckeye® Crossbow™ No Rinse Cleaner - Gal. A cleaner … Squeeze out the mop until it’s nearly dry. It can seriously damage the finish on your hardwood floor. The benefit of these finishes is that they’re water-resistant, stain-resistant, and simple to clean. Just spray on flooring surface and mop, no rinse needed. Saves more expensive cleaners for highly visible rooms. A little extra care will keep your beautiful wood floors looking good for years to come. Pro-Care® Citrus Cleaner 32 oz. We LOVE our customers and they are happy to let us know how much they LOVE what we have done for them. Commonly used ingredients in hardwood cleaners include the following: Solvents: These prevent streaking and help the cleaner dry more quickly, so you don’t have to wait hours for your floors to be ready. This will make the mopping process more efficient. "Amazing job cleaning and customer service. BestReviews spends thousands of hours researching, analyzing, and testing products to recommend the best picks for most consumers. One of the benefits of hardwood flooring is that it’s pretty easy to care for compared to carpeting. Pro-Care Citrus Cleaner cleans and enhances the natural beauty of your floors. ProCare 15XP Upright with Tools on Board Electrolux Vacuum Cleaner Reviews | Upright Vacuum Cleaner Reviews | ProTeam 15XP Product Review | How to Assemble a ProTeam Upright | Compare ProTeam Upright Vacuum Cleaners Call us about open box deals on this model! Floors with oil-based or waxed finishes need a specially designed product such as Bona Professional Series Natural Oil Floor Cleaner … Many also adore the Bona mop and microfiber cloth you can buy separately. Swiffer WetJet Multi-Surface Floor Cleaner is a pre-mixed Swiffer WetJet Multi-Surface Floor Cleaner is a pre-mixed cleaning solution made specially for the Swiffer WetJet all-in-one power mop. ...Everything I asked was done beautifully. Video produced by Bespoke Video Production. I also appreciate your company working with me when I had to change Friday dates to Mondays a couple of times. Reviewers swear it works better than vinegar/water solution on laminate floors. We promise quality, reliable cleaning service every time so our loyal customers feel special. But don’t just slather on whatever’s sitting in the cupboard! Never use a mop that’s sopping wet. Pro-Care® Citrus Concentrate 8 oz. I really like my team and completely trust them as I’m rarely home when they are here. Waxed floors should be cleaned with solvent-based cleaners instead of water-based ones. All reviews are greatly appreciated - THANK YOU! The problem with most hard floor cleaners is that they first require you to vacuum before you can wet-clean. Check the product label to see whether yours is a water- or solvent-based cleaner. Better Life Naturally Dirt-Destroying CleanerBest Natural Cleaner. They even threw in a sample of neutral floor cleaner (enough so I didn't need to buy a whole bottle.) 9 reviews of ProCare Tile & Carpet Cleaning "We have had them out multiple times to clean our travertine floors and carpet. This cleaner is great for cleaning real wood floors, laminate, tile, and marble floors. Pro-Care Citrus Cleaner cleans and enhances the natural beauty of your floors. 4.7 out of 5 stars with 503 reviews. Since 1972, Pro Care Carpet Cleaning has been the best choice for the finest in cleaning at an affordable price. - Dawn H., Vancouver, WA, "ProCare Cleaning has really given us piece of mind. The ideal formula depends on your floors’ finish. I mentioned that I had spilled some toilet cleaner on the linoleum and it was pretty dirty so I wanted them to focus most of the time on the floors and the master shower. We buy all products with our own funds, and we never accept free products from manufacturers. in Sarasota, FL at 3428 Belmont Blvd. A cleaner that isn’t diluted correctly can have the same effect. A. They really did a fantastic job! - Lennar Homes, Vancouver, WA. Just spray on flooring surface and mop, no rinse needed. A handy cordless replacement to a traditional mop that can also polish your … 8978. BKI 5004-1000. It's safe and fast drying formula dissolves dirt and tough sticky messes to reveal the natural beauty of your floors. BestReviews wants to be better. On the travertine floors they had to remove old wax product that should have never … This shopping guide covers various wood finishes, tips to help you keep your floors spic and span, and other handy information. Add To Cart. Q. All 3 were dedicated to their tasks and performed extremely well. If you're sensitive to smells, this might not be the best choice. See reviews for Pro Care South Cleaning Services, LLC. You can skip it if you’re short on time. Keeping hardwood floors looking shiny and clean requires proper care, and using the right cleaner prevents damage that can make wood look dull. This mix will do in a pinch for surface sealants, but these two ingredients aren’t the best for scrubbing off stubborn dirt and grime. My floors have a Matt finish and the Pro-care premium citrus cleaner with a magic eraser sponge mop gave my floors a clean soft perfect finish. When deciding how to clean your hardwood floors, it’s important to know that the type of wood doesn’t matter. You’ll avoid pushing around dirt and prevent small particles from creating microscopic scratches in your flooring. When will I need to refinish my hardwood floors? Protective layer to put on your hardwood floors after cleaning them with another product. Like the pet floor cleaner, it has a tank strainer to better separate solid dirt and hair from liquid and it’s a tad heavier than the corded version at 5.6kg. Pro-Care Premium Citrus Floor Cleaner - Gallon . A bit of elbow grease and baking soda will get out surface scratches and scuff marks in no time. Best Eco-Friendly Multi-Surface: Mrs. Meyers Multi-Surface Floor Concentrate. Instead of damp mopping, buff particularly dirty areas with a dry mop. Wax is one of the oldest types of hardwood floor finishes around. BestReviews spends thousands of hours researching, analyzing, and testing products to recommend the best picks for most consumers. After you purchase one spray bottle, you can buy the 128 oz. 5.0 out of 5 stars Recommended by the wood flooring manufacturer, supports the wood floor warranty. Procare Carpet & Upholstery Cleaning's experienced floor cleaners utilize the most effective methods and cleaning solutions for each type of flooring. Buy on Target. Surfactants: These help to loosen and lift grime and dirt off the wood. One -story house, about 1/3 hardwood floors and 2/3 carpet; two dogs) I was willing to spend about $300. Some contain ingredients that can damage or dull your sleek wood floors. Reviewers love the citrus smell that lingers in the air after cleaning. and give us feedback about your visit today. ... we put over 30 years experience to work to ensure the success of your flooring projects. $58.88/CASE. 503. Reviewed in the United States on April 4, 2016 I have Woca Diamond Oil floors. Whether it is the cleaning team that comes in or customer service when you call. That said, you still need to clean wood floors. Floors with this type of finish are easier to damage and require more upkeep, similar to penetrating finishes. : It is intended for unoiled, unwaxed and sealed or finished wood floors. During that time I've been impressed with the high attention to detail, dependability, and quick response to any special requests!" We only make money if you purchase a product through our links, and all opinions about the products are our own. And I trust them to be in my home without me there, never been disappointed. Using other floor cleaners or too much water on hardwood can leave your floors looking streaked and grimy. We purchase every product we review with our own funds — Users are wowed by the glass-like shine on floors after using this protective polish. This is the only product that cleans them without a cloudy finish- believe me, I've tried everything, including Woca soap! AirCraft PowerGlide. Works on all types of wood. James and Amy. © 2019 ProCare Cleaning. Price $13.50. Expert consumer reviews for the best vinyl plank tile and luxury vinyl plank floor options. They are just the best!!" The best carpet cleaners for deep-cleaning carpets and rugs at home, including best value picks and the best carpet cleaners for pets from Bissell, Hoover, and more. WetJet 42.2 oz. Mop with the grain. Low-traffic rooms can be mopped less frequently, such as once a month or even a few times a year. If the surface doesn’t smudge, that means you likely have a surface sealant. Regular cleaning means you’ll need to mop less often. Fabuloso All Purpose Cleaner Lavender. Great work from a father and son team. Your floor’s finish is the most crucial factor in determining which cleaner to use. Some cleaners contain ingredients that could void your warranty. Very knowledgable. Please take our 3-minute survey, Pro-Care Citrus Cleaner cleans and enhances the natural beauty of your floors. We are very happy with your Pro Care Teams! - Delayne R., Vancouver, WA Pro-Care® Oil Refresher 32 oz. Product: Code: F44 Floor Adhesive 15L (covers 60m²) 268-00001: F44 Floor Adhesive 5L (covers 20m²) 155-00007: F44 Floor Adhesive 2.5L (covers 10m²) 268-00010 Doesn't leave residue. refill to cut costs. Click to open expanded view. Citric acid: This loosens dirt and helps maintain a neutral pH. ProCare focuses on the manufacture and distribution of bespoke products that provide the best quality solutions to specifiers, contractors and end users. Bonus points for company's dedication to environmental causes. $6.19 - $14.99. After 26 years of routine residential use, my Electrolux was no longer getting the carpets deep-down clean, so I shopped - hard - Consumer Reports, Amazon Reviews, web reviews. Fabuloso. I look forward to your coming and getting things cleaned and straightened up. Almost everyone loves the light, nutty smell. "I have had many house cleaning services and am pleased to recommend ProCare Cleaning. How often should I clean my hardwood floors? Here at BestReviews, we want to make sure you have all the information you need to pick the best hardwood cleaning product for your floors. Price $25.00. Some say there isn't a citrus smell despite the fact that the bottle suggests there is. A favorite hardwood floor cleaner for many people, but it may not work as well on some floors. Ideal choice for those who prefer squirting over spraying. The floor should be allowed to dry before you re-wax it. The best laminate cleaner solution … Penetrating finish: Penetrating finishes are typically oil-based but also include wax finishes. A. High-traffic areas may require at least a weekly mopping. Close. It’s an extra step, but it’s worth it for a beautiful shine. Let Procare Carpet & Upholstery Cleaning be your expert source for floor cleaning and maintenance. I don't think I could continue living independently at 87 without them." A. Cleaning your floors has never been easier. We work hard to be the best. The cost varies by brand, with eco-friendly cleaners costing a little more. Close. To read and view any additional reviews & awards, visit our company's social media sites. Reviewed in the United States on January 27, 2018 Size: 32 Ounce Verified Purchase bought this for our new wood floors because this is what the wood flooring manufacturer recommends. If you … Dilute the cleaner if required. Harsh, abrasive cleaners intended for other types of flooring can damage your wood floors. How can I tell what kind of finish my wood floors have? Roll over above image to zoom in. You can expect to pay about $8 to $30 for enough hardwood floor cleaner to cover approximately 300 square feet. We purchase every product we review with our own funds — we never accept anything from product manufacturers. Check the product label to see whether yours is a water- or solvent-based cleaner. Dries almost instantly. Sweep and vacuum hardwood frequently to remove traces of dust and debris that might scratch and dull the finish. Reviewers like that this works with the floor-cleaning tool you already own – no need to buy a new mop. Quick-drying cleaners include Isopropyl alcohol. Pro-Care Premium Citrus Floor Cleaner . This vacuum is the same style as the Electrolux Prolux 1500 and the Electrolux commercial vacuum. If you’re not sure about your floor’s finish and recently had it installed, the manufacturer can recommend a cleaning solution for your particular hardwood floor. You’ll still need to vacuum and sweep periodically, especially if you have pets. Karcher FC5 Hard Floor Cleaner: Karcher's innovative FC5 washes, scrubs and vacuums hard floors in single pass for a wide range of hard floor cleaning duties. Works on all kinds of hardwood floor types, from laminate to bamboo. Hardwood floor cleaners are explicitly designed to help protect floor finishes and are less harsh than other types of cleaners. They completed the cleaning without disturbing me while I worked in my den. Q. Vacuum or sweep floors first. The floor should be damp, not soaking wet. For extra shine, buff the floor after you mop. Nashville’s Premiere Textile and Hard Surface Cleaning Company. If you discover a white spot has formed, you have wax-sealed floors. PROCare Shower and Bathroom Centre is located in Wigan, Greater Manchester and is a well-established specialist adapted shower and bathroom supplier. If the cleaner isn’t dilute enough, it might leave streaks or make your floors sticky. Yes. Cleaning your floors has never been easier. All of smartcores vinyl flooring range is 100 percent waterproof guaranteed. It’s a hypoallergenic formula, biodegradable and eco-friendly. Safe for pets. Out of stock. My home (with 5 cats and dogs) is always clean and sparkling when they leave. "Green" cleaning products were used at my request, the house looked so good, smelled so good - I can't describe what a thrill it was to walk into the house and take it all in... Great experiences - friendly and professional - A+ !!! Target / Household Essentials / pro care floor cleaner ... 4.3 out of 5 stars with 8978 reviews. How can I get scuff marks out of my wood floors? You might need to rinse after cleaning for best results.

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