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Search Location Codes Search. In 1996, 330 and 937 were added as splits. 010 when dialing from another city in China, but drop the first 0 if dialing from abroad. Faroe Islands (+298) and Greenland (+299) are in the northern Atlantic, between North America and Europe. On China Telecom phones, error messages "Number does not exist" will be played, NO SERVICES will be redirected. Calling a mobile phone from a land line requires the addition of the "0" in front of the mobile phone number if they are not in the same area as well. Find Latitude And Longitude .com Flat Fee MLS Albuquerque The international access code from the PRC is 00. 1 FUXINGMEN NEI DAJIE, BEIJING, CHINA. Federal agencies use GLCs to report the location of real … Luftlinie von China nach Deutschland Wie weit ist China entfernt? As defined by Microsoft, a locale is either a language or a language in combination with a country. Landline. Major cities, area codes, how to call Chinese cities, countries abroad. Tours, New to Nachbarland Laos Länderkürzel LA. Below is listed the zip code of the main tourist cities and counties and there are more specific number of different districts, streets and post offices for the last two digitals. The International dialing code calculator will show how to dial to China – Beijing Municipality – Beijing from any location in the world, with local area codes, trunk prefixes and international country codes State IDs Event IDs. FAX:(86) 010-66016871. Normally, the detailed district and street zip code is not necessary. All telephone numbers are 8-digit in Jiangsu. China Area Code. International Directories. Up^ Back To TOC PART 3. Simply enter the phone number in the search box above to find out who called from that number. 1. When you dial a telephone from one city to another city in China, be sure to add the target city's area code before the phone number. Landline area codes. where to visit & requirements for each destination! GLC country codes come from the GeoNet Names Server (GNS) registry, which is maintained by the National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency (NGA), and state and county codes from the Geographic Names Information System (GNIS), which is maintained by the U.S. Geological Survey (USGS). The Chinese country code and China area code chart below gives you the necessary information for calling Chinese cities. Some areas in Guangdong use the prefix 66x: These are area codes for the provinces of Sichuan, Hainan, Guizhou, Yunnan (predominantly) and the autonomous region of Tibet. the detailed itinerary, or The provincial capital of Chengdu, and Meishan, Ziyang uses code 28. China travel is reopening now! Yunnan The International dialing code calculator will show how to dial from Hong Kong – Hong Kong to Hong Kong – Hong Kong, with local area codes, trunk prefixes and international country codes While calling China from abroad, you need to dial the ISD code followed by the area code and finally the phone number. Starting from 2012 in Shenzhen, a system upgrade was put in place to unify three emergency reporting services into one number, 110. You can also join in the discussions or ask your own question. CHANGE OF NAMES . CHAPTER 1. 10 is the local area or city code used to dial to Beijing. The provincial capital of Nanjing uses code 25. It bases its list of country names and abbreviations on the list of names published by the United Nations. These are area codes for the provinces of Jiangsu, Shandong (predominantly), Anhui, Zhejiang and Fujian. China's area code is several digital numbers used to group telephone numbers (mobile phone number excluded) by geographic areas. Our experts will help you ASAP. Keeping the same number over time is somewhat associated with stability and reliability of the owner. 1738 km Bangladesch Länderkürzel BD. The calling chart above will help you find the dialing codes you need to make long distance phone calls to friends, … According to iTypeUSA, China is the world’s most populous country and one of the largest to surface. [5] Before that, its area code is 918. When making a telephone (mobile phone excluded) from International countries to China, you should add Country Code, Area Code and telephone numbers. By Anonymous 1 day, 16 hours ago. Included East Timor (ranges 88xxx and 89xxx) until 1999, no longer used. - flying all around the China without wings, Century When one landline is used to dial another landline within the same area, it is not necessary to specify the area-code. 011 Area Code. Read Zip code or Postal Code is needed no matter you want to send post cards, letter and parcel from your countries to China or from China to your countries. From within Mainland China, the following special numbers are used: (ex. $338-$428, [Important] Travel News for Expats: China travel is reopening! Travel with China Discovery and learn about Province, 610000, P.R. Obwohl die ISO eine internationale Organisation ist, verwendet sie also gelegentlich auch die Landessprache, um die Kürzel abzuleiten. SWIFT: BKCHCNBJ. minority kingdom, Tibet These are area codes for the municipalities of Shanghai, Tianjin and Chongqing, as well as several major cities with early access to telephones. Mobile to land line calls require the "0" and the area code, if the land line is not within the same area. Country: China Country Code: 86 China Area Code 186: Mobile Phone Exit Code: 00 ISO Codes: CN/CHN China Population: 1,361,512,535 Continent: Asia & Middle East +86 China Mobile Phone Reverse lookup +86-186 mobile phone numbers. Die country-code TLD (Top Level Domain) von China ist .cn, zum Beispiel www.meine-domain.cn. OF WRITS OF REVIEW, MANDATE, AND PROHIBITION ... 1273.010-1273.050. In late 2013, 17x were introduced. Quick answer When calling a phone number from China, the country code of +86 needs to entered, followed by the area code in China and a local (or mobile) number in order to complete the call.. e.g - To dial the number in China (10) 83410308 from an Australian mobile, you’d dial: +86 10 83410308.. International calling: country codes, area codes, phone books.. Publishing comprehensive and up to date information on how to dial internationally from the USA, Canada or from any other country is our goal here at HowtoCallAbroad.com. Dialing 112, 911, and 999 (outside Beijing without area code 010) plays a recording message about the correct emergency numbers in Chinese and English twice: "For police, dial 110. The "0" is not dialled from outside mainland China. The list includes separate codes for countries, first order political divisions of some countries, regions, geographic features, outre space, and celestial bodies. All telephone numbers are 8-digit in these areas. The 5th to 7th digit sometimes relates to age and location. Home of Fanjingshan & 55 Ethnic Groups, Gansu HEAD OFFICE. 1280-1280.2. In other places, landline-numbers consist of a three-digit area code followed by a seven- or eight-digit inner-number. CountryCode.org is your complete guide to call anywhere in the world. Enter at least 3 digits like 010, or whole phone number like 01082542685 1. Check The UN also uses 3-letter codes, and numerical codes to identify nations, and those are shown above. on China Mobile and China Unicom phones, NO SERVICES will be redirected. So hat zum Beispiel Deutschland den IOC-Code "GER" für "Germany", also den englischen Landesnamen. Beijing / Xian / Guilin / Yangshuo / Shanghai, Beijing / Xian / Lhasa / Chengdu / Chongqing / Yangtze Cruise / Shanghai. Blog; Other Command Lists . <039> Contact Email Address -Email Address of person identified in data line <030> … The top supplying country or region is China, which supply 100% of area code china respectively. Die Liste der ISO-3166-2-Codes für die Volksrepublik China enthält die Codes für die 34 Verwaltungseinheiten.. These are area codes for northwestern regions including the provinces of Shaanxi, Gansu and Qinghai, as well as the autonomous regions of Ningxia and Xinjiang. roof of the world, Shanxi The area code will narrow your call to the specific region in China that you are calling. TITLE 8. 010 - Exit code for Japan, and is needed for making any international call from Japan; 86 - ISD Code or Country Code of China; Area code - There are 346 area codes in China. Before GSM, mobile phones had 6-digit (later upgraded to 7-digit) numbers starting with 9, and had the same numbering format with fixed-line telephones. If there is an area code dial area code of the city in China you are calling after dialing ISD Code. 818, Xingshi Road, Wuhou District, Chengdu City, Sichuan Dialing from mobile phones to any type of phone except 010 numbers, the area code must be included. According to China telephone number rules, 010 belongs to Beijing (city) in Beijing (province), furthermore, we also provide some other information, such as the phone number type is Landline and time zone UTC +8. Telephone numbers in China are organized according to the Chinese Telephone Code Plan. You can learn many useful information from the discussion and cases. 10 stands for Beijing; 21 stands for Shanghai; and 29 stands for Xi'an. Enter the area or city code to call a landline. Xianyang, uses the same code as Xi'an starting from 16 September 2006. The oldest China Mobile GSM numbers were 10-digit long, and started with 139 in 1994, the second oldest 138 in 1997 and 137, 136, 135 in 1999. Flug nach China; Landkarte. Beijing. Find 820 listings related to Area Code in China Grove on YP.com. China area codes usually have 2, 3 or 4 digits. In major cities, landline-numbers consist of a two-digit area code followed by an eight-digit inner-number. All Area Codes USA, Canada.

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