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(Modern day AU with magic, elves, and dragons.) Aaravos hands the staff over to Viren and returns to their camp with him, where he witnesses Viren's army adapt to the newly obtained power. I wonder whats in store for him in season four?  Until the last star [5], Being approximately 5000 years old, Aaravos played a significant enough part in history to be mentioned in several history books. Ignoring his question, Aaravos expresses his relief at finally hearing another voice and asks how he might serve him.  Sparked by the light When the human mage later returns, instead of performing the ritual with Aaravos, he covers the mirror with a blanket. However, he fails to predict Rayla's decision to tackle Viren off the edge of the pinnacle and is thrown off with the mage's body, where he is eventually separated from Viren mid-air. Elarion, the fearful fool, Post-season 3 AU. Anyone's game. Viren, Claudia and Aaravos reappear, sowing their power through the beings of Xadia who refuse peace with the humans. Press J to jump to the feed. These dreams turn out to be the flourishing of humanity and its bright future, rather than the wish to become Xadia's conqueror. Unfazed, the elf promises he will not, suspecting that Viren is too curious and hungry for knowledge and powers that he can provide. We also don't know what Aaravos' ultimate goal is yet. Viren inquiries with Aaravos what their next plans are, to which the Startouch Elf replies that he only serves to fulfill Viren's dreams.  Cried as the stars of the sky turned to black, Eventually, he sneaks inside the dragon lair together with the dark mage, where Azymondias is eventually chased and cornered on the Storm Spire's pinnacle. Aaravos briefly searches for a book on his bookshelf, then retreats to the unknown outside. I guess it all depends on how they play it, but so far I'm not sure where they're going with him. A place that can stand against any abuse/assault, and stand in the history of mankind for generations. After Claudia and Soren arrive in the cell and Claudia confronts Viren about his intention to have his son kill the princes, Aaravos warns him not to tell the truth and possibly lose her, as he will need his daughter later on. Aaravos manages to react just in time before the assassin can attack Viren, and blocks her by using Viren's body to disarm the elf with a spell. Claudia was the first who uncovered the secrets to the magical mirror and met a certain Startouch elf. At some point, he shares some undisclosed gifts to humans and saved some of Elarion's citizens from Sol Regem's genocide.  Embraced the great black night flame. She is a mage, albeit a practitioner of dark magic, under the tutelage of her father. Yes, Claudia isn't like Azula from a personality perspective. The exhilarating pulse of primal magic filled the cave as the elf spoke, "Aspectu." The "Aaravos Will Betray Viren" and "Claudia Will Be The Big Bad" Theories. It was like it’s voice, and it’s presence, were grounding her. Conosciuto con molti nomi nelle storie antiche - la stella caduta, l'ultimo dei grandi, il portatore di doni, ma il suo vero nome era Aaravos. Aaravos For 16 Minutes Straight! Le uniche creature delle stelle note sono i misteriosi elfi Toccodistella e i rari, affascinanti unicorni. Aaravos is not the kind of character I can see "speaking Claudia" as Viren would put it. The main thing is that both Azula and Claudia follow their father's foot steps, admiring their respective fathers. Soren and Claudia will fight Viren in a final battle. This is further reinforced when the only Adults to be praised by the show are the ones who recognize their faults, or are super empathetic and act cautiously. Viren, Claudia and Aaravos reappear, sowing their power through the beings of Xadia who refuse peace with the humans. Maybe he doesn't like sharing power and doesn't need or want apprentices? The only known creatures connected to the stars are the mysterious Startouch Elves and the rare, fascinating unicorns. Known by many names in ancient stories - "The Fallen Star", the last of the great ones, the bearer of gifts. Lo studio delle stelle è reso più difficile dalla scarsità di creature magiche collegate alle stelle. Viren raises a hand, and so does the elf, but only to fix his cloak. When Viren tells him how Avizandum had been slain, Aaravos listens observantly. Elarion, black-eyed child, It will not be easy, but with help from our benefactor...", Untranslated: When Aaravos re-enters his study, he finds Viren waiting on the other side of the mirror, ready to finish the ritual. In a poem found in the library of Katolis, he was implied to have contributed to the rise of dark magic within the city and is glorified as its savior and benefactor. Once finished, Aaravos's elf form is visible to Viren, allowing him to better serve him. Aaravos is delighted about the outcome of the story and tells him that Avizandum is the reason why he has been imprisoned for centuries, though he doesn't know where his prison resides. Since Viren can not fathom how they could defeat the stronghold without sacrificing an abundance of men, Aaravos reassures him that only one life has to be risked: Viren's. Considering Aaravos is the only mage so far shown who can cast spells without saying a single word, this is one of the more powerful spells in The Dragon Prince. I'll update the original post to include this. His eyes sometimes glow white when he uses magic. In hindsight, Claudia was dumbfounded at how easily she’d been swayed by Aaravos' words, but could instantly see how Viren had found comfort and power in having the bug constantly present. Tbh I really like Claudia, and I want her to stop using dark magic, but when soren got badly hurt by the dragon she used extremely dark magic and I think it would be easy for aaravos to tempt her like he did viren and even Callum (I’m guessing). Along with Aaravos, he sees her as a valuable asset to achieving his goals. The pride of all of humanity. No Startouch Elf has ever been seen by humans - except one. Inside Viren's prison cell, Aaravos forces his eye open in his caterpillar form, claiming that he is preparing the mage for greatness, and instructs him to be still while he forms a web over the open eye. And no, draining magic from a deer to heal her brother doesn't count. [10], Despite Aaravos being trapped behind the mirror and erased from history books, he was never completely forgotten. "Delle sei Sorgenti Primitive, le stelle sono le più misteriose. [8] In most circumstances, the mirror would appear like an ordinary, reflective mirror, which ensured that others could not look into the mirror and see or communicate with Aaravos. Viren truly does care for Claudia, but, like Soren, is willing to sacrifice her to get what he wants, although not as much as he would Soren. Finds some way to get Viren killed that is tragic for Claudia and totally looks like the good guys' fault. Eventually, Aaravos is shown reading out of a large and heavy book. Then again, it could be a major plot point that she sides with Viren, an older mentor as an opposing force to the rest of the younger cast. What if Claudia loses Viren somehow, and Aaravos tempts Claudia like the proverbial Serpent/Lucifer-like figure that he is, tempting her to learn learn even more dark magic with the promise or hopes of bringing her father back? Cut to a final battle between Rayla and Callum against Viren and Aaravos at the top of the Spire, where Viren tries to absorb Zym's life force. When Claudia comes up with a solution to cross the Border, Aaravos is visibly delighted. He is the master of all six of the Primal Sources of magic, as well as dark magic. Post-season 3 AU. He choose him with the tasks of "removing" the princes when they left for Xadia. Discussion (Before I start this, I don't have a problem with these theories at all or the people that believe them. As Soren and Claudia were left with their father at a young age following their parent's split, Claudia revealed to Ezran that she would do anything to keep her family together, and considering Soren has already defected from her side, she may stay with Viren and Aaravos just to prevent her from losing any more family members and perform something of a reverse-Zuko. Aaravos continued to clutch the staff, Viren firmly wrapping his hand around the neck and Claudia doing the same. When Callum's relationship with Rayla makes them targets, his latest goal of becoming an archmage, despite the dangers he is warned it could bring, is intensified to protect her and others. There's much more ways of magic than just 6 Primals and one Dark, and possibly more can be invented. As much as I like her, I think she is going to start going down and even darker path then she was before. Answers include Callum, Ezran, Rayla, Claudia, Soren, Viren, General Amaya, Commander Gren, Runaan, and Ellis. After Claudia had revived her father and had hidden him away inside a cave, Aaravos is shown to have entered metamorphosis inside a cocoon, which is described by Claudia to be changing. When she finally released him from his prison, she could not deny the instant connection she had with the elf, nor could she help … Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. He wears a dark hooded robe with a star symbol on the hood. [12], I see it before me in my dreams, and grand, glorious city. (Modern day AU with magic, elves, and dragons.) When Runaan saw the magic mirror, he appeared to immediately recognize its significance and expressed that Viren had indeed found a fate worse than death.[11]. He is an ancient and powerful Startouch Elf who wished to give magic to humans in an attempt to have them be on par with, if not surpassthe elves in terms of mystic power. At some point, the Key of Aaravos came into the possession of the royal family of Katolis, and Harrow knew that it was once owned by Aaravos, an elven Archmage and master of all Primal Sources. Thanks for your reply. He is an ancient Startouch Elf and an Archmage, who has a complicated relationship with humanity, elves, and dragons. My only bugbear with this is I don't really know why Aaravos would bother. Claudia is closer somewhat to one of the Buffy the Vampire Slayer characters from what I've read--I will have to check and update this later. The Dragon Prince Season 2 Ending Explained (IGN), Book Two, Chapter 8:"The Book of Destiny", Lines 30-35 are translated by the official TDP tumblr blog, https://dragonprince.fandom.com/wiki/Aaravos/History?oldid=31956. After Viren and Harrow killed Avizandum, Viren ransacked his lair and brought the mirror back to Katolis.  She whispered, "Aaravos," his name. When the Archmage sits to rest on his illusionary horse, he wishes to learn how a simple human managed to bring down the Dragon King, seeing as he was known as the most powerful creature in the world. Claudia.  Her twisted roots spread deep and far, Through a dark magic spell, Aaravos enables Viren to harness the desired essence and proves almost successful even when Rayla ambushes them. When she bent down, Reception [ edit ] Review aggregator website Rotten Tomatoes reports that 100% of 11 critics gave the first season a positive review; the average rating is 8.2 out of 10. I don't think Claudia has ever been described as a prodigy, she's just an ordinary sorceress using Dark magic (and the fandom's insistence on trying to wedge her into the Azula mold is getting really annoying - Claudia has virtually nothing in common with Azula's character and her "evil goth witch" getup is supposed to be a deliberate misdirection from her actual friendly, goofy, absent-minded personality). As much as I like her, I think she is going to start going down and even darker path then she was before. [7], When Avizandum became King of the Dragons, he imprisoned Aaravos in an area behind a magic mirror; a feat that required some collaboration between Archdragons and elves. Claudia Redemption Take two powerful, half-trained mages, add emotional turmoil, mix in an unhealthy dash of romantic rivalry, bake in a powder-keg of political betrayal and warfare, shake well and stand back. Idk, those are just my thoughts.  Of Aaravos, her midnight star. Viren seems exasperated by his son's lack of intelligence and maturity at times but had faith in his ability to one day become king, after Viren took over Katolis as Lord Protector. And here's the link about the prodigy thing--it was merely on Twitter: https://twitter.com/thedragonprince/status/1140310569905315840?s=20. Alcuni lo dipingono come una figura benefica, un alleato dell'umanità disposto a condividere il suo grande potere magico con coloro che ne avevano bisogno, altri lo ritraggono come..."[14]. Aaravos then channels his magic through Viren against the Crownguard, killing several, before the mage is hit in the leg with an arrow. Claudia Redemption Take two powerful, half-trained mages, add emotional turmoil, mix in an unhealthy dash of romantic rivalry, bake in a powder-keg of political betrayal and warfare, shake well and stand back.  The humans’ might 7 months ago Al is in hell for seducing antagonists . Elarion, a heavy body, No other creatures except Startouch Elves have understood the Star Arcanum and, unlike other primal sources, human mages have exhausted themselves by just trying to express the concept in words. He places a desk near the mirror and sets a box on it, then takes out its contents to show Viren - a goblet, a cloth, some thread, a rock, a bowl and pestle, and a fine dagger. Despite Aaravos being trapped behind the mirror and erased from history books, he was never completely forgotten. Avizandum and his mate, Zubeia, kept the mirror in their lair within the Storm Spire, and it remained closer to where they slept than any of their other possessions. Aaravos has Viren pretend to know about the fate of Aditi, the grandmother of Khessa, the current Sunfire Queen, which grants them entrance to the city. Suddenly, Aaravos vanishes from the mirror and his power is cut off, resulting in Viren being captured. Aaravos talks to Viren before being interrupted by Soren, who asks if he should squish the elf's caterpillar form. His skin gets darker in color across his torso and down his arms before lightening once more, and he has a glowing, white star marking on his chest, as well as glowing star markings across his face and hands. Words mentioning his name have been truncated since the time of the great schism, although there are disagreements about his role in historical events. Despite this he was not present when humanity is banished to the Western side of the continent. Throughout the story, Soren revealed that he feels as i… However, what she didn't expect was for Aaravos to mistake her for someone else named Elarion. However, Aaravos informs Viren that inevitably, conquering the nation cannot be avoided and that their aim focuses on killing Zubeia, as well as capturing Azymondias, as his essence may serve as an incomparable source of power. 700 years later, Aaravos, for mysterious and unknown reasons, is imprisoned inside a m… Startled, Viren asks for Aaravos's name. As night falls, Viren is preparing a ritual to create smoke elves to terrorize the other Human Kingdoms, as Aaravos tells him that his attempt to win over the Pentarchy with loyalty and friendship had failed and thus his only resort is to use fear. Claudia picking a fight with Aaravos over her father's soul however... now that is something I can see happening for certain! Viren threatens to destroy the mirror, throw it in a river, and cut Aaravos off forever. Seven is not the limit. When she killed that deer so her brother could walk again it was framed as an evil act. High quality Tdp Claudia gifts and merchandise. Aaravos steps closer to Khessa, teasing with her grandmother’s fate, before whispering something inaudible into her ear, leaving Khessa shocked, before a flick of his finger causes the Sunfire Queen to disintegrate. Viren subsequently inquires as to Aaravos's current location, which he claims not to know. It makes sense from a story telling perspective. These people being King Harrow and Queen Sarai with harrows letter to Callum and Sarai questioning Harrow on the quest for the heart of the titan. He waves his hand over them, indicating he wants Viren to find them. I maghi oscuri hanno cercato di dare la caccia agli unicorni per capire meglio il loro potere, ma la loro magia stellare e la loro subola astuzia li rende quasi impossibili da cacciare. Post-Climax Confrontation: After the big battle at the feet of the Storm Spire is finished and won, a confrontation between Claudia, Soren and Ezran reveals that Viren is still on the loose. Aaravos's caterpillar, now the size of a snake, travels to the Storm Spire on Viren's shoulder, while his spectral form rides by the mage's side. Viren didn't even try to deny that, at this moment, he greatly preferred Aaravos to Harrow, who hadn't seemed to understand. The study of the stars is made more difficult by the scarcity of magical creatures connected to the stars. Since Aaravos is clearly looking for a powerful Dark mage to align with for whatever plans he has for the world, he may choose to cast Viren aside in favor of Claudia, who would be much easier to manipulate and seems to have much greater potential than her father. After Viren rallies his forces to march onto Xadia, Aaravos continues to aid and guide him down his path of conquest, leading them to the Sunfire Elf city. Claudia "Sucks" Aaravos out of Viren, absorbing all of his power in the process. Aaravos, having seen Viren through the mirror, prepares a mystic ritual. Elarion, trembling seedling He presumably was an acquaintance of the former Sunfire Queen Aditi and claims to know the circumstances of her death. Aaravos admits it was a possibility and asks what Viren needs of him, finally telling his name when pressed. Aaravos serves as the narrator of the story and appears in a flashback, as the humans are exiled to the western half of the continent. Add to library 107 Discussion 7. Aaravos is one of the main antagonists of the Netflix TV series The Dragon Prince. I think now that Callum is going down the “light” magic path, i feel like Claudia is going deeper down the dark path in contrast. Viren accuses Aaravos of betrayal, but the elf assures him he will stay with him as his caterpillar crawls within the human's ear. Aaravos is mentioned in the history books of Katolis. Of all Primal Sources, the stars are the most mysterious. After a while, he returns again and approaches the mirror on his side. Elarion, her shell struggled death, Granted she killed a fawn, but her motives were a lot better than "I don't feel like a burger tonight".  To receive their light A place where we are no longer forced to hide, pale and frostbitten, from the prejudices of elves and dragons. Aside from his clear affinity for Dark Magic, Aaravos was shown to also be able to use Sun and Sky magic very easily and without having to recite the incarnation for said spells. Between Viren's combat skills and Aaravos and Claudia's magic, it wasn't instantaneous, though it was very one-sided. Once the warriors were taken care of, the three split up to search the homes.  They concealed their light, The human assumes Aaravos to be lying, which he denies.  And caught the eyes of a hungry dragon. They both cut their palms and let their drops of blood fall into their respective pots before Aaravos releases a caterpillar-like creature from his mouth and drops it in the pot, transporting it to Viren's side. Claudia was the first who uncovered the secrets to the magical mirror and met a certain Startouch elf. Aaravos (The Dragon Prince) Claudia (The Dragon Prince) Summary. Aaravos is one of the first elves to exist from Xadia, making him approximately 5000 years old when the series began. Per quanto riguarda gli elfi Toccodistella, è rimasta ben poca traccia della loro esistenza nella letteratura Xadian, sembrano evasivi, inscrutabili, distanti dal resto della società elfica. While passing the petrified body of Avizandum and approaching the Storm Spire, Aaravos prepares Viren for his intention to teach him how to harness Azymondias' essence, which would allow Viren to transcend beyond the capabilities of his human form. Viren wakes to see this and the Startouch Elf returns to the room. It was like it’s voice, and it’s presence, were grounding her.  And stop the fire of the raging dragon. After being informed that Viren considers it a pet, Aaravos is dubbed a "little bug-pal" by Soren. He was able to master the magic of all six Primal Sources and dark magic, and he possessed the "Key of Aaravos", a magical cube that unlocks a great power inside Xadia. However, upon attempting to read the collected information, the pages magically become distorted before anyone can read them. After Viren reluctantly does so, Aaravos holds his hand over the goblet and touches the knife to his palm. That scene got me thinking about if this show has a pro vegan message. The dark magic spell she will have to unleash (she will be battling Aaravos of all people, after all) is also a good candidate for the compulsory "Season Ending Awesome Claudia Spell". ... Claudia was able to use Primal Magic during the Final Battle because she had access to the Sun's Primal Stone through her staff. Elarion, and her open flower,  She withered and suffered in darkness, "Endelig fortalte han mig sit navn. Untranslated: Claudia got him a gift card to a fortune teller for his birthday, and at Cosmic Vision, a surprisingly non-shady little establishment, he met Aaravos and got inevitably drawn into the elf’s orbit. Claudia got him a gift card to a fortune teller for his birthday, and at Cosmic Vision, a surprisingly non-shady little establishment, he met Aaravos and got inevitably drawn into the elf’s orbit. Inspired designs on t-shirts, posters, stickers, home decor, and more by independent artists and designers from around the world. To change his appearance from his true form to a healthy look, Aaravos sends a Sunray Monarch to Viren, which changes his appearance. Nessun'altra creatura al di fuori degli elfi Toccodistella ha compreso l'arcano delle stelle, e, a differenza delle altre sorgenti primitive, i maghi umani hanno faticato anche solo ad esprimerne il concetto a parole. the older, traditionally mentor like, characters are the ones not willing to learn, change, understand, or even talk. Aaravos then places a hand on the glass, which alerts Viren to his awareness of him. Viren has been teaching Claudia how to use magic since she was very young. Seen when she delved deeper into dark magic to heal Soren. Elarion, with her pure whiteness, The Dragon Prince, created by Aaron Ehasz (Avatar: The Last Airbender) and Justin Richmond, tells the story of two human princes who forge an unlikely bond with the elven assassin sent to kill them, embarking on an epic quest to bring peace to their warring lands. As Viren returns to his quarters, Aaravos warns him that the Crownguard is coming to arrest him and orders the mage to follow his instructions to the letter. As Viren broods in his imprisonment, Aaravos assures him to not despair and to be patient, for the former High Mage's time will come and that he has put things in motion.  Defying the deadly winter bite. Aaravos offers to earn his trust, suspecting that Viren desires something very badly, yet he is faced with opposition. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast, More posts from the TheDragonPrince community. Other portray him as...[13]. Part 1 of Dragonguard & Dragonborn AU When Viren fell to his death from the top of the Storm Spire, Claudia revived him, which cost her most of her humane side to fall deeper into dark magic. Then, using some kind of telekinesis, the Startouch Elf allows it to float in the air, while he paints the rune, allowing him to create some sort of purple magic on his side of the mirror.

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