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We offer a variety of CrownWall TM organization solutions all made from high grade steel. This hanging accessory could also be used for storing: If you’re using your garage occasionally as a workshop, a magnetic tool bar offers easy access to your small hand tools and keeps them organized. Using your garage’s underutilized wall space for hanging storage makes a night-and-day difference when it comes to being able to more comfortably walk, play, and work in the garage. Garage Slatwall & Accessories. Showing 1 - 48 of 95 products. 99 $21.99 $21.99. For more heavy-duty hanging garage storage, use a sturdy industrial hook. Learn more. Submit. Skip to content. 24 per page 36 per page 48 per page . //]]>. After years of dealing with frustrating garage floor clutter, you’ve finally made the wise decision to invest in a PVC garage slatwall storage system. Proslat offers a variety of rugged and versatile hanging solutions. Here’s a list of 17 of the handiest garage slatwall accessories available that will make your garage noticeably more functional. x 24 in. Garage Living has more than 40 types of garage slatwall accessories to choose from. Customise your storage space with ease by adding accessories. Our Slatwall Accessories section features all of our accessories categorized by their function, so all brands are included. Make the best use of your walls and easily install some garage slatwall today. 4.8 /5. Products. All of our Slatwall Accessories will work with the generic Slatwall standard with an approximate 3/8 in. You can learn more about all of these handy slatwall hanging accessories and our other garage makeover solutions by scheduling a free design consultation. Click on the images below to see the many different organizers available to fill your storage needs. Our wide range of slatwall accessories were designed with back plates that disperse the workload throughout … Handiwall Basket for Slatwall Wall Storage, 12 in. Handiwall Resin Shelves for Slatwall Wall Organizers, 4ft Tube Light for storeWALL Slatwall Storage. With superior materials and construction, our products are built to last. Another option for storing sports equipment is to use one of the most versatile garage slatwall accessories available – a deep mesh basket. Double Hook Organizer for Slatwall Wall Storage, 4 in. Garage Slatwall Accessories Today's Deals. Garage Escape is the preferred source for quality garage slatwall panels and accessories. If this problem exists in your own garage, look for a smarter way to keep all those small pieces organized, going forward. SHOW DEAL. Sorting out the contents of these containers would take forever. 20% OFF. Home ; Where to Buy; Install; About ; Contact ; Submit. // FEATURES & BENEFITS. They’re ideal for hanging: The 1″ single hook comfortably holds individual items. We designed our back plates to disperse the workload throughout the wall so you can hang whatever you want wherever you want. Color options will fit … Loop Hook Locking Organizer for Slatwall Wall Storage, 4 in. The slat wall panels and accessories Innovative Garages offers are affordable, durable, great looking, and super simple to use! Handiwall Resin Shelves for Slatwall Wall Organizers, 30 inch x 12 inch Large Wire Shelf for Slatwall Storage, 4 Bin - Tip Out Bins -Small Parts Storage for Slatwall, Pegboard, 4 in. 5% coupon applied at checkout Save 5% with coupon. Save space with garage wall storage . These are of high-quality materials and quite durable too. Endless storage possibilities are at your fingertips with these versatile and easy-to-install panels. Display: 48 per page. Let’s take a look at some of those now: Peghooks. Deal. Angled shoe shelves can also be used for storing boots or whatever footwear you use when working in the yard. Any avid fisher’s collection of rods, baits, and other fishing accessories can grow quickly, so a proper place to store everything is very useful. A paper towel rack hung on a slatwall panel keeps a roll of paper towels or shop towels within close reach to clean up dirty hands or garage floor spills. In fact, it’s the quickest and easiest way to get most of the clutter in your garage organized. Slatwall Slatbox Bins: This is a superior and colorful organization system for retail, hobby, home or garden storage. For hanging multiple items, choose the 4″ or 8″ single hook options. SOLID PVC CONSTRUCTION. For more support for your larger tools, double hooks are the right slatwall accessory for the job. Offering a Elite PVC slatwall system for your garage storage needs. Sort by . Several garment hooks attached to your slatwall panels can hold jackets, hats, gloves, rain jackets, or any other item of clothing. Questions or Need Help From our Experts? Designed to help you "reclaim the floor" by maximising your wall storage capabilities. Intpro Slatwall Hooks Slatwall Accessories Utility Hooks Garage Storage Tool Organizer Large Heavy … NOT YOUR GRANDPA'S PEGBOARD The heavy-duty, versatile slatwall system is designed to be modular, simple to install and easy to reconfigure as often as you like. And most importantly, you can restore the ability to use your garage for its primary function of parking vehicles. There are lots of hook, shelving, bin, bracket, and basket slatwall accessories available which can be configured in an endless number of configurations. Use your chosen garage slatwall accessories to arrange your stored items any way you desire. If you want those items that are hard to hang to be a little more secure when they’re stored, add hanging baskets to your list of must-have garage slatwall accessories. 4.6 out of 5 stars 29. The solid color extrusion process easily hides scratches and dings that would be noticed with a painted slatwall option. CDN$ 16.30 for shipping & import fees deposit. We’ve all seen those garages where screws, nuts, nails, and a thousand other tiny hardware parts are tossed into a bunch of plastic or metal containers. Available in multiple finishes, there’s a look for every space. Whereas a bike stored on a single vertical bike hook hangs perpendicular to the wall, a horizontal bike hook keeps a bike stored parallel to the wall. Handiwall Basket for Slatwall Wall Storage, 12 inch Shelf Bracket for Slatwall Storage, 12in. Search Log in. These slatwall accessories work for the garden, hobby or athletic enthusiast. Everything we sell that attaches to slatwall panels. Hanging bike storage will prolong the life of your bikes, as you won’t need to worry about them falling over or being accidentally damaged by a car. Which ones will work best for your needs? // TOUGH. This is done by hanging the bike frame on two hooks. Must-Have Garage Slatwall Accessories. You can store almost anything, from hand tools to big, bulky ladders, using slatwall panels and slatwall garage accessories. Garage slatwall in Seattle is one of the best ways to store small, random items that clutter the garage. ©  All Rights Reserved. Over 40 garage slatwall accessories. 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