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There are about ten words in Hebrew that begin with Resh Ayin and each has a different ending letter. Separating ourselves from the will of Hashem. The root of the letter ‘tov’ is ‘TIV’-SPINNING, which conveys the idea of CONNECTING thin, weak strands into one strong thread. because the letter ‘dalet’ conveys the sense of connecting two differing states of being, bringing two concepts together- drawing water, opening a door or a lid, lifting up a bucket etc; while the letter ‘ayen’ conveys a sense of response & humility- maybe because if one is ‘full of oneself, s/he cannot really ‘see’. It can mean ‘sin’ since the eyeball hints at a cursory  WARPED (CURVED) BIASED glance= lacking in perspective, lacking in due consideration something deserves. Therefore, I wanted to look up what the word lust means in Hebrew and Greek. Otherwise, we are no different than that radical who says that busting a window and helping yourself to the loot to feed your family is good. And ayin, an eye which sees, really SEES something or someone (and responds accordingly, because if we REALLY see something and fail to respond, we haven’t really seen anything!) We Christians would never commit evil we are good. And conversely, if we manage to see the goodness in the world, we create GOODNESS- TOV, by binding the person or idea to Hashem’s plan. The word in Hebrew used here for seeing is ra’ah spelled Resh Aleph Hei. What Does The Word ‘Deliver’ Mean In Hebrew? But if he fails to tend to his flock, it becomes ‘rish-ayin’: a poverty of response, or a misery and poverty: rah/evil, and not a roye/shepherd. Hashem is the OPPOSITE of evil, how can the verse refer to Gd using the same letters as used in rah-evil??? Perhaps we can say that we haven’t humiliated a person until we SAW him/her & FAILED TO RESPOND- hence ayen-nuun-yod means ‘a poor, humbled person’. The word ‘TOV’- GOOD, is spelled tess-vov-beis. In the Ancient Hebrew mind there is no such thing as an "evil" person or thing. Intimacy With God Whom My Soul Loveth Bundle. Change ), You are commenting using your Google account. Is it a blood relative? (RAH vs. ROHEH)? "The grass withers, But sometimes we need to deal with issues by nullyfying their influence or by avoiding it. ? Like bang for a gunshot or boom for an explosion. (If two Hebrew words have the same numerical value- gematria), we drew parallels, how much so if two words have the same exact letters but different meanings? Of course it does not say that the TREE was bad. In the same sense, the use of the word ‘roye’/ shepherd, relating to Hashem (either spelled ‘reish-vov-ayen-hey’ or ‘reish-ayen’ like in tehillim 23). Use pealim.com for checking word inflection: complete verb tables, dictionary, search and pronunciation guide. For instance, the third letter could be a Beth for ra’av which is an evil of hunger and starvation. The word hate is a very strong word. This is a bible study about the meaning of the Hebrew word שָׂטָן, 'satan' translated 'Satan' in the Old Testament, and gives every verse where the Hebrew word "satan" appears. (If we reverse the letters, we’ll have Ayin-Reish= to awaken!!! In the very same chapter of tehillim, ch.23 verse 4, it is written: ‘lo yeero roh, ki ato eemodi’ -”I shall not fear evil, because You Hashem are with me” ? The first is a “blatant” and obvious good—a good which can be experienced only as such in our lives. The Hebrew word for evil is רַע, rah, which occurs 664 times in the Old Testament and is translated as evil, wickedness, disaster, harm, bad, fierce, downcast, ugly, etc. for an attempt to address the root ‘ayen-reish’ as pertaining to both concealment and revelation of truth, see my other blog on biblical snake.http://shlomozalman.xanga.com/771695151/secret-of-the-biblical-snake/  Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: You are commenting using your WordPress.com account. These questions have been on my mind for years, but I wasn’t able to find or to come up with a convincing answer, until this Shabbos, when we read the chapter of Matan Torah, The public revelation of Go’d’s Torah to the entire nation. Usually, in the Old Testament the Hebrew word ra` is employed to denote that which is bad. At Deut. You have successfully subscribed to Chaim Bentorah's Free Daily Word Study! The letter ‘beis’ means house, enclosure. so to ‘know’ means to see the connection, and to understand the way to respond to this connection, i.e.- to put this connection of  forces into practice. From ra'a'; bad or (as noun) evil (natural or moral) -- adversity, affliction, bad, calamity, + displease(-ure), distress, evil((- favouredness), man, thing), + exceedingly, X great, grief(-vous), harm, heavy, hurt(-ful), ill (favoured), + mark, mischief(-vous), misery, naught(-ty), noisome, + not please, sad(-ly), sore, sorrow, trouble, vex, wicked(-ly, -ness, one), worse(-st), wretchedness, wrong. Every time we do rotzon Hashem, we are connecting ourselves to Him. Why, because he says so and he does not believe in a God who sets a standard. ( Log Out /  Job 1:1 NASB Fearing God – We are familiar with the Hebrew verb yārēʾ. Hebrew words for evil eye include עַיִן רַעָה and עין רעה. If anything is viewed in isolation of its intended purpose, it can become poison. I feel that perhaps some holiness had ‘rubbed off’ and helped me come up with an answer…. In fact the word ‘vav’ means ‘hook’, which was used in the mishkan to attach the courtains. Skip, what is the Hebrew word for evil? The … (the root reish-ayen also shows with different vowels as in rehee-pasture, feeding / graf shel re’ee- sweeping of unwanted pieces, refuse- so we see that this particular root can be used in a positive sense of ‘friendship -reius, pasturing& feeding- royeh, and in a sense of worthlessness or evil, as in rah and in graf shel reya). -conveys the idea of ‘portioning, sustenance’. The root of the letter ‘tov’ is ‘TIV’-SPINNING, which conveys the idea of CONNECTING thin, weak strands into one strong thread. The only way to argue is to show someone Scripture, but of course, they are burning that. noun רַע. If we understand that the root ‘rah’ relates to the idea of a series of small pieces, then it depends on the context: if those pieces are used to gradually make something stronger (as a shepherd feeding his flock with appropriate PORTIONS), or as viewing our fellow as a connected to us and to the Klal, and therefore a valuable human being, or as a series of sounds of a shofar, which collectively serve to awaken us to teshuvah. yasha-save; saviour; deliver; help; salvation; preserved. Found 229 sentences matching phrase "evil".Found in 3 ms. I wasn’t going to do a study on this verse but I live in Chicago which has and is seeing it’s share of riots, violence, and destruction. But, interestingly, the word ‘ano’ -ayen-nuun-hei, can  also mean ‘to answer, to oppress, to afflict, humiliate; The word ‘ani’, ayen-nuun-yod, means a poor person. The Hebrew word can refer to moral evil, and often does have this meaning in the Hebrew Scriptures. Strong's Number H7451 matches the Hebrew רַע (ra`), which occurs 663 times in 623 verses in the Hebrew concordance of the KJV Page 1 / 13 (Gen 2:9–Num 13:19) if we see others as part of Hashem’s plan in the world, as a ‘part of a unified, meaningful whole’, they become ‘rayahho-your fellow man’. If you want to know how to say evil in Hebrew, you will find the translation here. Many Hebrew words are used for both cultic and social evil. He knew it wasn’t God’s fault but he could not put his finger on what was wrong so he asked God to audit his heart and instruct him in what was wrong. What constitutes ‘evil’ ? The other is also good, for nothing but good can “emerge from the Supernal One”; but it is a “concealed good,” a good that is subject to how we choose to receive and experience it. Yesterday I did a study on Psalms 139:23: “Search me, O God, and know my heart: try me and know my thoughts:” David realized that something was wrong in his relationship with God. We all know what evil is, it is bad the opposite of good. [[ Of course the letter LAMED means ‘to learn’. I will get the word woe a little later but first, let’s examine this word evil. The letter reish can mean ‘head, leadership’ or ‘poverty, misery, lack & isolation’. Hebrew Translation. That’s why I want to take a look at what the word hate means in Hebrew and Greek. All the ra words express some form of evil. Evil is unmasked, there is no denying the evil that is out there, it is blatant. the flower fades; How often do we decide what is good and what is evil without going to the Bible, it just seems right in our own eyes? Evil has become such an evil word. How come the same two letters reish-ayen refer both to FRIEND & to EVIL? Even in the coming year? Hashem is the source of all goodness in the world. Why didn’t the verse use a more familiar ‘hhaver’- a more common word for ‘friend’ or ‘ahh- brother’? We, however, believe in a God who sets a standard and we must fully understand his standard and not make up our own. ?Perhaps the letters of the Hebrew word, rah, ‘evil’ can teach us a similar lesson? The Greek term appears 21 times in the New Testament in the context of demonic possession. That third letter could be a Daleth for ra’ad which is an evil that causes you to lose control. The letter ‘ayin’ usually means ‘eye’ . Used hundreds of times, this word has a wide umbrella of … The Hebrew word for evil (i.e., ra’: רַע) also means sad or “heartbreaking.” We must learn to discipline ourselves to think good thoughts since that brings us before the light and blessing of the Father of Lights (אֲבִי הָאוֹרוֹת) from which every good flows (James 1:17). turning away INT: exchanges How … If our answer FAILS to address the situation, if we have a ‘reish-ayin’, a poverty of answer, it is truly evil. Follow Us Home > Words that start with E > evil > English to Hebrew translation. How to Say Evil in Hebrew. This results in believing that what is right is anything you believe is right. Ultimately it is ra’a which is worshipping another god. These files are considered public domain. TWOT 2191. Showing page 1. Evil translation in English - Hebrew Reverso dictionary, see also 'each time',enjoyment',each person', examples, definition, conjugation And substituting darkness for light. Demons' evil names can be found in modern language - the word "Wrath" has possible roots in "wraith," the ancient Scottish word for "ghost." -One of the names for Rosh HaShana is ‘Yom Teruah’ -in fact the Torah in parshas Pinhhas, Bamidbar 29:1 refers to Rosh HaShana as the Day of Blowing (of Shofar). Log In. In the midst of an election year, riots, righteous indignation, and flagrant hypocrisy how could you not preach a sermon on Isaiah 5:20? evil translation in English-Hebrew dictionary. I am sure if you didn’t know where it was found you have been looking for it. It is also translated into English as spirit of impurity or more loosely as "evil spirit." Ra’am is an evil of rage and anger and so forth. In English translations of the Bible, unclean spirit is a common rendering of Greek pneuma akatharton, which in its single occurrence in the Septuagint translates Hebrew ruaḥ tum'ah. Many times the bad is physical; it may have been occasioned by the sins for which the people of the nation were responsible, or it may have come, not as a retribution, but from accident or mismanagement or causes unknown. One of the rioters was interviewed on local news and justified their looting, violence, and destruction by saying people have a right to eat and since the government was not feeding them they were going to take what they could to eat. Note that this is opposite to the word tov which we render as good but actually means to be in harmony with something or someone. just saw a blog about this issue treated in a very different manner but at the end he quotes rabbi hirsh who seems to give opinion which validates my thoughts http://www.marbitz.com/essay/evil.html. רוע. The letter lamed at the beginning of a word, when not a part of the word itself, means ‘for, for the sake of, to,- like ‘l’cho= to you, for you=yours. Is there a connecting concept which would connect all those usages??? The shape of the letter lamed is to elevate oneself up from one’s perspective. SO, how can the word ‘RAH’ be used in connection with Hashem, or in a positive context, as in ‘reiahho’ – your fellow man??? If the head is isolated, it is merely an ‘impoverished’ loner. Yes, we need to take a stand against evil in this day. It should be noted that the English word "evil" has no Ancient Hebrew equivelant, while most English translations will use the word "evil," it is usually the Hebrew word ra, which is also often translated as "bad." Please try again. So ‘reish-ayin’ can convey the ideas of =  reish  as : ‘head’, but also ‘misery, poverty. Well, it says in Judges 17:6 that everyone did what was right in their own eyes. God will defend His standards and those who break them have a woe against them. -What makes something ‘evil’? Job 1:1 NASB Fearing God – We are familiar with the Hebrew verb yārēʾ. In the words of our sages, “No evil descends from heaven”—only two types of good. ), For example, it might be a series of short sounds, like in Te’RUAH, or in graf shel re’ah, sweeping of unwanted °pieces°. So, when Moses tells Israel they can eat any meat as long as the blood is not in it, he is not telling them that armadillos, porcupines, pigs and human meat is okay to eat, only meat that was created by God as food – which of course is just the kosher meats. We have God’s word to back us up on that. Does it mean someone who lives close to us? So, I am going to through my hat in the ring and wave my flag in some overt fashion. “`The word ‘TOV’- GOOD, is spelled tess-vov-beis. (Perhaps the root ‘ayin-nuun-nuun’-anan-cloud conveys the idea of covering, just as a glance of an eye covers a certain area…???). I just had to come up with an answer. Sometimes we are just as guilty of evil as those radicals. There was a man in the land of Uz whose name was Job; and that man was blameless, upright, fearing God and turning away from evil. Create a free website or blog at WordPress.com. What is the connecting concept of all these instances of using the root •רע• reish/ayen in all this different situations, both positive and negative? The letter dalet seems to contain the root word ‘dli’- to swing, to swivel back and forth as a suspended bucket on a rope, being lowered to draw water. -Why is the Hebrew ROOTword for evil – ‘rah’ רע (reish-ayen) used as well for ‘your fellow man’- as in ‘ve’ahavta le’ rah ‘yehha ka’mohha’ (you shall love your fellow man as yourself)? While "Ha-Ra" means "the evil." It can mean ‘to answer’, both in a positive sense, and in the negative sense -to opress. That is a word whose meaning is found in its pronunciation. Skip Moen. To EAT from the Tree of Knowledge would be BAD. any human?? The tree was not bad. The Latin equivalent is spiritus immundus. Shouldn’t we learn the reason for it?). But first, I’ll show you the 1828 Noah Webster’s Dictionary definition of the word … But if we compare the use of the word רע where God is talking about good and evil, as He is in Isaiah 45:7, we find that רע must mean "evil." With the deeper Hebraic understanding of what "Ra" means, we would more accurately translate "Lashon Ha-Ra" to mean "the- destroying tongue." Now that is as good a definition of chaos that I have ever read. Hi there! ( Log Out /  However, if you’re a Christian then you know that’s not the case. That makes the Hebrew root ra’a. The letter ‘reish’ can connotate ‘rish’- (reish-yod-shin)poverty, lack, misery (Mishlei 31:7) as well as ‘rosh’=head, leader. Ra’al is an evil of drunkenness and causing confusion. Thank you for reading this Daily Word Study. Dalus= poverty. wrong, bad, wicked, wickedness, maleficence, inferior, trouble, unkind, noxious, woe. (RAH vs. ROHEH)? They are frequently paired with synonyms with other words denoting persecution, wickedness, rebellion, violence, and evil. dal as a poor person needs to ‘draw’ sustenance from others. The letter Ayin can mean ‘eye’. The only difference mentioned in the Torah about the Tree of Knowledge was the fact that Hashem has commanded Adam not to eat from it. Hebrew is an extremely concrete language so it's no surprise that the Hebrew/Aramaic influenced parts of the bible have concrete concepts of good and evil. English Gematria, Hebrew Gematria and Jewish Gematria and Numerology (Including feminine … 23 the word ‘my shepherd’ -as relating to Hashem himself – spelled ‘reish-ayen-yod’ ? The letter ‘vov’ in itself conveys ‘connection’. I was searching for an answer that rang true to me for years!!! 30:11-20, Moses summarizes the basic expectations God has for the Jewish people. Also very interesting is the Hebrew word for meat or flesh which is Basar and the fact that Hebrew didn’t have a word for body. The letter ‘beis’ means, An answer to Miko Peled’ antisemitic blog, http://shlomozalman.xanga.com/771695151/secret-of-the-biblical-snake/ . I have resisted adding my voice to this verse but I heard something on the local news today that was just too good (I mean good in the sense of good sermon material) to pass up. Do we see history repeating itself right now? The Hebrew word for evil (i.e., ra’: רַע) also means sad or “heartbreaking.” We must learn to discipline ourselves to think good thoughts since that brings us before the light and blessing of the Father of Lights (אֲבִי הָאוֹרוֹת) from which every good flows (James 1:17). After all, you are your own god and you get to set your own standards. It can signify the ACTION of drawing, or of SWINGING/SWIVELING as a DOOR on a hinge, or as a BUCKET on a rope. It sounds almost identical to the word ra’ah spelled Resh Ayin Hei which is the word for evil. There will arise leaders who oppose Israel just as there arose kings in Persia who would eventually oppose Israel. (Incl. The root word could be one of ten possible Hebrew words. They were after all the oppressed and they had a right to destroy and commit acts of violence against those who oppressed them. Great tool to bookmark for study! If we do an act congruent with Hashem’s will, we are CONNECTED to Hashem. Many times the bad is physical; it may have been occasioned by the sins for which the people of the nation were responsible, or it may have come, not as a retribution, but from accident or mismanagement or causes unknown. Dal used as a verb can mean to draw water, to irrigate a field, to swing on a rope, to swivel on a hinge…. It seems that every time the word ‘rah’  is used, it has a connotation of ‘a series of small parts (??? ZALMAN SLOWIK   MOTZEI SHABBOS PARSHAS YISRO, FEB.2, 2013. someone had asked me if it.s possible for evil to exist independently from Gd?i think that there is purpose for everything created/ sometimes just to provide a contrasting backdrop for pure godly goodness. ra or ra’ah (Resh-Ayin) – Strong’s 7451. Is that the fate of the United States? Besides, the insurance companies will pay for all the damage (as a former insurance investigator I know that is not true). If we fail to see this lesson in our relationship to our fellow men, it will truly become EVIL: it will fail to serve as a part of Hashem’s plan– since the only evil that exists is what separates us from Hashem. Origin: Hebrew, literally “evil tongue,” slanderous speech prohibited in the Torah. Change ), You are commenting using your Facebook account. By following Hashem’s directive to NOT EAT FROM THE TREE OF KNOWLEDGE would be GOOD. Value of evil in Gematria is 734, Online Gematria Calculator with same phrases values search and words. In the Old Testament Leah is the first wife of Jacob and the mother of seven of his children. Chaim Bentorah has his own personal view on these ra words. It can mean ‘an answer’, like Hashem answering our prayers. The Hebrew word for this type of “evil” is ra’ah. ??? Lashon is generally the Hebrew word for "tongue" or "language." The word woe in Hebrew is hoy which is an interjection that is onomatopoetic. Micah 2:4 HEB: יָמִ֑יר אֵ֚יךְ יָמִ֣ישׁ לִ֔י לְשׁוֹבֵ֥ב NAS: How He removes it from me! But people who burn God’s Words, how do they determine what is evil and good? So, both letter reish & letter ayin can at times convey the ideas of poverty: Reish can mean poor, poverty, something missing or isolated, LACKING (rish), or HEAD ”rosh”, and letter ‘ayen’ (ani) can mean ‘a poor, lacking, humiliated, LACKING person’, or ”answer” Both can be used POSITIVELY & Negatively. evildoing, wrong, harm, iniquity. Dal can mean ‘less’ or ‘a poor person’. Sign Up. Which one is the evil of Isaiah 5:20? Thank you for reading this Daily Word Study. For instance, the third letter could be a Beth for ra’av which is an evil of hunger and starvation. Alternatively it might be related to Akkadian littu meaning "cow". noun רֶשַׁע. But if we fail to see others as such, they become ‘rah’-evil’, which SEPARATES us from Hashem, the Source of all the Goodness in the world. In Judaism, yetzer hara (Hebrew: יֵצֶר הַרַע ‎ yēṣer haraʿ) is the congenital inclination to do evil, by violating the will of God. >>> if we view something as ‘evil’, as ISOLATED & NOT A PART OF HASHEM’S PLAN, it is evil- because it becomes (in our eyes) as a meaningless ‘graf shel raya’ (a worthless sweeping), because of our viewing it as DISCONNECTED from Hashem, from a meaningful whole of Hashem’s plan. So we see the the Hebrew word for ‘goodness’ conveys in its every letter the idea of CONNECTION & Unity with Hashem, who is the Ultimate Goodness.“`. It’s our nature “the evil inclination” is egoism. Ra’al is an evil … for an attempt to address the root ‘ayen-reish’ as pertaining to both concealment and revelation of truth, see my other blog on biblical snake. While that remains true today, there are some other meanings for this word found in the ancient languages. What a wonderful example of calling evil good. Lust is a world that’s closely linked and associated with sexual desires, usually those that are not godly. Hi there! Hebrew words are supposed to be three letters minimum, but here we have a word that is only two letters, Resh Ayin. How could I not do a study on this verse? KJV: an evil, from which ye shall not remove your necks; INT: which cannot remove in it your necks. Odd that if man turns back to God, He will repent of His shepherding, friendship and consuming passion . H7451 - רַע raʻ, rah; from ; bad or (as noun) evil (natural or moral):—adversity, affliction, bad, calamity, displease(-ure), distress, evil((-favouredness), man, thing), exceedingly, great, grief(-vous), harm, heavy, hurt(-ful), ill (favoured), mark, mischief(-vous), misery, naught(-ty), noisome, not please, sad(-ly), sore, sorrow, trouble, vex, wicked(-ly, -ness, one), worse(-st), wretchedness, wrong. Only the ACTION OF EATING FROM THIS PARTICULAR TREE was considered evil- because it was against Hashem’s will. Even its shape conveys a connection of two directions. How come the same two letters reish-ayen refer both to FRIEND & to EVIL? To the apostate KJV: of my people: how hath he removed [it] from me! Ask Chaim Bentorah Any Bible Study Question. so these two letters can mean ‘a lack of response’ , : in a way of a leader who is isolated from his subjects, so he, in effect, humiliates them, instead of RESPONDING to his subjects. Are we supposed to learn something from the fact that ‘rahyehha’ and ‘rah’ have exactly the same shoresh (root) of letters reish & ayen? Is it someone who did us favor in the past, to whom we owe gratitude? Feminine raaah; as … Visit our website and master Hebrew! Why is that? It seems that those ideas express and convey the essence of ‘knowledge’ rather well. It seems to me that the main idea of the letter dalet is the concept of connection of two states: as a verb it conveys the action of drawing water or swinging , opening/closing, being lowered or uplifted. http://shlomozalman.xanga.com/771695151/secret-of-the-biblical-snake/, Shlomo Zalman ben Chana, Chof”Gimmel Shvat Motzey Shabbos of Parshas Yisro 5773. Few pastors in American have not preached on this passage in the past few months. There was an error while trying to send your request. -Perhaps if we see an idea or a person as removed from Hashem, as ISOLATED&therefore a use-less ‘CHUNK’ -it becomes truly ‘graf shel raya- a sweeping of refuse, an irritant. “-Isaiah 30:15. magan- to shield; to rescue; to hand over safely. bad 23, bad* 2, badly 1, deadly 1, defamed* 1, defames* 1, defect* 1, destroying 1, displease* 1, displeased 1, displeasing 1, distressing 1, evil 124, evil man 3, evil men 4, evil things 4, evildoer 1, evildoers* 1, evils 1, great 1, grievous 4, harm* 1, harmful 3, man 1, miserable 1, misfortune* 1, sad 4, selfish* 1, serious 1, severe 2, sore 2, threats* 1, treacherous 1, trouble* 1, troubled 1, ugly 6, unpleasant 1, what is evil 2, what was evil 5, which is evil … —The first time the word ‘evil’ (rah) appears in the Torah is in Bereishes 2:17 ‘…and from the tree of knowledge of good and evil (rah) you shall not eat’. Perhaps once we form an opinion about something, it becomes ”poorer” through not being able to be some OTHER things…. To understand the words "good" and "bad" from a more Hebraic understanding, these words should be understood as … That is God crying out in pain and heartbreak and before long those calling evil good will also be crying out in pain and heartbreak. No, not to their degree, but often we set our own standards which may not be God’s standards. Well following the traditional rule of thumb it would be ra’a which is an evil paying homage to another god. So here it is Isaiah 5:20. For example, awon may also be used to describe social evil. Aren’t these two concepts very different? It is right because I say it is right and who are you to argue. Plain and simple, anything that is not in harmony with God is evil. For example "goodness" is light and salt and when abstracts are used they shape a concrete like "good soil", "good seed" or "good fruit" which are very simple concepts to understand. By that time, Persia was no longer a world power. Perhaps we can say that the ‘badness’ of the tree was the fact that eating of it was against Hashem’s will. ? but the word of God stands forever. However, due to the diversity of possible definitions, it is unwise to assume that “I create evil” in Isaiah 45:7 refers to God bringing moral evil into existence. Home. Incidentally, on the eve of this Shabbos, I prayed at a resting ground of a righteous Tzaddik (a saintly rabbi and teacher). Obviously the Tanach (Jewish Bible) is written in Hebrew so the word 'evil' is not present in the text. Woe to those who call evil good? This will break out the verse in Hebrew with the english beside it the Strong’s number is also available for each Hebrew word. August 6, 2009 at 3:30 pm. Learn how to say evil in Hebrew and a lot of other related words. HEBREW OLD TESTAMENT Someone deserving our respect? (the shape of the letter ayen seems to convey two eyes focused on a common point, similar to the letter ‘y’… ), So the root ‘dalet”ayen is the combination of an idea of convergence of two states of being [dalet] & an act of regard (‘eye-balling’ and potentially ‘answering’ [ayen]. Woe for a cry of grief or pain. When the Lord says (in the King James Version), “I make peace, and create evil,” the Hebrew word employed is ra’ah. HEBREW WORD STUDIES on רוּחַ 'ruach' meaning 'Spirit' Strong's 7307 Genesis to Esther. A shepherd puts the benefit of his charges in his mind, hence he is a ‘rosh-ayin’ -a lead responder’/ or the `head supervisor`, to the needs of his flock. Can I ask a favor? It should be sharply distinguished from the second word for “evil,” rasha’ – “wickedness” or evil in the moral sense. ( Log Out /  Or it can be used in a negative sense: graf shel reya, sweepings of no value, for they have no purpose. he is also ‘swinging’- as far as his situation is not certain or established. Yep, that is where that verse is found alright. If  we view any concept, item or person as meaningful and useful, it becomes a ‘head’, but if we fail to see the godliness or usefulness in something, it becomes ISOLATED, & THEREFORE A SOURCE OF MISERY. The general rule of thumb to get the third letter is to just repeat the last letter. Let’s just pause here and let our indignation settle down a little and examine this verse. ", Designed by Elegant Themes | Powered by WordPress.

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