hector and lenore

Dezember 1803 geboren. Lenore gets the most screen time since her plot directly intertwines with Hector. He eve… It felt weird and wrong. For this, he was despised by both his mother and father, a selfish alchemist. In fact, if there’s one word I could use to describe season 3, it’s horny. Blood.]. After the ring enslaves Hector, he retreats from Lenore, throwing himself into his work and acting coldly in her company. Discover more posts about castlevania, carmilla, striga, morana, lisa tepes, hector, and lenore. While discussing how to convince Hector to build an army of night creatures for Carmilla, Lenore proposed her assistance. The Trio reunite to tackle the latest threat against Wallachia. Episode 9 of the third season of Castlevania is f*cking wild. Maybe he wants more than he'd let himself admit... Yeah, yeah, I'm idealising their relationship or whatever, LET ME FEEL MY FEELINGS. It's the holiday season in modern London, and Lenore wants to treat herself, so she takes herself off to Belnades' Pet Emporium. Hector’s beliefs on what would happen to him after Dracula’s War, were simply him living outside the “feeding zone”. Castlevania’s first three seasons are available to stream now on Netflix. An Archive of Our Own, a project of the Organization for Transformative Works An Au where Lenore meets Hector before Dracula does, and sways him a little more willingly to her side.As well as this, another big change happens. Fuck if I know, but I plan on finding out alongside you. Before waking up, a woman throws him a crystal which he catches in his hand. A story meant to pick at and dissect the relationship between Hector and Lenore. His eyes stared in sheer horror at the ring around his finger. Lenore starting to show her true colors is getting me anxious, but i couldn't be happier that we're getting more interactions between Hector and reader and the fact that she'll be training him? 1K Views. Understandably in hindsight. Lenore … When they all find out about Camilla's wicked plans for the future? As always, she's happy to meet Sypha's stock of good puppy boys, but this year Lenore is looking for something special, and Sypha's new rescue might just be it. This is my attempt to keep us all entertained while we wait for Season 4. Hector hates humans because of his hard childhood. Written for Lenector Weekend 2020, organised by the wonderful BakedTofu. background lenore/hector/alucard; Misandry; Konami is the real villian; things get meta; Carefully worded Anne Rice refrences to avoid her wrath and lawyers; Summary. This is me messing about in a puppy play space, because Castlevania does too, but very much not meant as an accurate portrayal of the kink scene. Much to her annoyance, it seams she has to once again, gain his loyalty. 4 Comments. The event has some rules that Lenore decides not to tell Hector about. After repeatedly visiting him and gaining his trust, Lenore seduces Hector and tricks him into swearing loyalty to her. Eventually, Hector burned his house to the ground with his parents inside of it. Will they find love? Tumblr is a place to express yourself, discover yourself, and bond over the stuff you love. Eventually, she and Hector fall in love after many romantic nights out in which they teach each other about spells and the way of the world. Adrian is on the verge of abandoning all hope and forsaking all of humanity entirely. Greatly misunderstood what kind of 'pet forum' she was on. Written for Lenector Weekend 2020, organised by the wonderful BakedTofu. Well season 3 was ok. season 2 was better tbh. The small weightless object that had him trapped to his captors. 16 months later, on March 5th, 2020, the long-awaited third season of the series finally arrived. I know this is rated M, because it's a poem and pretty vague even though the meaning should be clear.. it's about E rated content... it just... isn't exactly explicit. The perfect Hector Lenore Castlevania Animated GIF for your conversation. As the count himself no longer travels slowly. [Rated mature, but explicit sex in Chapter 7.]. I hope Hector and Lenore get a redemption story in Season 4. I did some reading around, but don't come from a place of significant knowledge about this area of kink, so have dropped a resource in the end notes. What will happen when our dear trio is reunited at last? S1re-of-Suns Dec 6, 2020. tip: hetalia f/f sort:kudos. HECTOR and LENORE. The long wait made what was to follow even more encapsulating and heart-shattering at the same time. As Hector is thrown into a game of psychological chess with Lenore, Carmilla plans her invasion of Braila.Meanwhile, Isaac mounts an army to take Styria, his morality changing with each conquest.Will Hector be able to turn the tables on his captors and turn into the hero we knew in the games? Lenore first appeared welcoming Carmilla back after the latter came back from Dracula's Castle, along with an enslaved Hector. Does Hector have feelings for Lenore? we love that . Will this orgy be a success? Or will Laszlo's stupid cursed hat ruin the whole thing? Story follows the events right from the ending of S03. This started out as a crack/comedy fic, but now it's pretty much that and my own personal (joke) season 3 continuation. Have something to tell us about this article? Lenore gave Hector that and more. But when she goes travelling, he finds being without her much harder than he expected. is the protagonist of Castlevania: Curse of Darkness.He is a former general of Dracula who had decided he had enough of killing and fled. 50 Favourites. A woman Hector had later found contentment with was killed by his old comrade Isaac and he enters Dracula's domain in the game with the intent of avenging himself upon Isaac.. Official background: The game's protagonist. Please consider turning it on! The dramatic conclusion to Hector’s story in season 3 is part of the vampire’s plan to get him to create a huge army of the undead. Assuming by "redemption" you mean Hector gets bloody revenge and Lenore gets her comeuppance along with the rest of the vampires. Share the best GIFs now >>> yeah, expect to see a lot more of Lenore from now on but not that she is training him in magic maybe there will be more opportunities for them to get closer? Gilrond1 Edited Dec 7, 2020. Log in Sign up. He’s got a job, a house, and a hot girlfriend.”. Soon after, Lenore arrives at Hector's cell. 1 like. Kurulus Osman season 2 episode 12: Release date and times for international audiences, {{#media.media_details}} Hector spends the majority of the series as a prisoner of Lenore and her vampire sisters but knowing Hector is easily manipulated, Lenore effectively plays ‘good cop’ to win him over and forces him into slavery with an aptly named slave ring. After season 2 released in October 2018, fans had been left with an agonising wait for a new batch of episodes. READ MORE: Castlevania’s Alucard doesn’t have it easy in season 3. Not that Hector had any say in this, or else he wouldn't be wearing a pair of ass-less panties right now.

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