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KTVF-TV reported the 33 communities are part of the Alaska Remote Sellers Sales Tax Commission formed in November 2019 to help local governments statewide collect sales tax from purchases made from outside Alaska. A law seeking to limit withdrawals from earnings has heightened tensions over how … Following ballot measure vote, bed tax rate to increase Jan. 1 December 9, 2019 – FYI , News In the October 1, 2019 City and Borough of Juneau Regular Municipal Election, voters approved an increase to the CBJ hotel/motel tax, raising the tax rate from 7% to 9%. THE CITY AND BOROUGH OF JUNEAU, ALASKA Wednesday, January 8, 2020, 5:30 PM. For more information on local taxes, each year the Alaska Department of Commerce, Community and Economic Development publishes Alaska Taxable , an overview of each community, whether it collects taxes, and if it does, its tax rates. Alaska is one of 5 states that does not have a state sales tax (the others are Delaware, Montana, New Hampshire, and Oregon). Assembly Chambers I. In early 2017 was announced a proposal by Juneau Assembly ("The City and Borough of Juneau Assembly") to exempt cruise companies from sales tax for goods and services sold onboard while their vessels are in port. In fact, Alaska is the only state that does not have a statewide sales tax but does have local taxes (the other four states with no state sales taxes also do not have local sales taxes). Alaska Sales Tax. CALL TO ORDER II. Excise taxes on alcohol are implemented by every state, as are excises on cigarettes and motor fuels like gasoline.. With local taxes, the total sales tax rate is between 0.000% and 9.500%. A law seeking to limit withdrawals from earnings has heightened tensions over how much should go to dividends and other state expenses. JUNEAU, Alaska (AP) — A group of Juneau seniors has registered as a special interest group with the Alaska Public Offices Commission in an effort to make a difference in the Oct. 3 election. Roughly half the city’s annual budget is covered by revenue generated from sales tax. Juneau City and Borough Property Records Search Links. Permanent fund earnings, once typically used for dividends, have become a vital source of state government funding, surpassing oil revenue. The Alaska Constitution provides that the State of Alaska is exempt from all taxes emanating from within Alaska. The Juneau, Alaska sales tax rate of 5% applies in the zip code 99801. JUNEAU, Alaska (KTUU) - Thirty-three Alaska communities are collecting remote sales tax and are projected to share in between $8 and $10 million in new revenue this year. Between those passenger taxes and city sales taxes, the City and Borough of Juneau collects enough in the five-month cruise ship season from passengers to … "Please note, City and Borough of Juneau code requires the collection of 5% sales tax and 7% bed tax (total 12%) from guests. Normally, the local sales tax is much smaller than the state tax, which is typically in the area of 5-8%, with the city tax most often being less than one percent. No, once you are registered with the portal, you will be able to file with any active Jurisdiction. JUNEAU, Alaska (AP) _ Alaska regulators conditionally approved the transfer of BP’s interest in the trans-Alaska pipeline system to an affiliate of Hilcorp as part of a proposed $5.6 billion sale that also includes other BP interests and assets in the state. But some revenue seekers in Juneau were not ready to extend the same courtesy exemption to visitors entering Alaska’s capital by cruise ship. Permanent fund earnings, once typically used for dividends, have become a vital source of state government funding, surpassing oil revenue. While there is no state sales tax in Alaska, some counties and cities do collect their own sales taxes. For any tax question or concern, please don't hesitate to call us. Risk Fund Overview b. APPROVAL OF MINUTES a. Wednesday, December 4, 2019 IV. FAIRBANKS, Alaska (AP) — A group of Alaska communities collecting remote sales tax is projected to take in between $8 million and $10 million in new revenue this year. With bank deposit account rates at an all-time low, tax liens are a great opportunity to get much higher interest rates on your money. Calculation of the general sales taxes of 99801, Juneau, Alaska for 2020. Typically, you have to pay a city sales tax on top of whatever sales tax is levied by . New feature for 2020. The new policy of collecting sales it’s the result of corporate restructuring within Amazon, according to the Juneau Tax Office. There are approximately 18,213 people living in the Juneau area. Aleutians East Borough Finance Officer P.O.

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