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“Wait, could “Me and Aid were playing hide and seek.” Marshall started to explain. His main color is red, given that is the color of his uniform (which normally features a fire helmet on duty), and pup pack. The female cub started to lick Aid’s sides, sending him into laughter as well. !” Aid laughed back. Ember was still worried. Add Marshall's signature sayings to your furry friend. The cubs smiled as they kept licking them. ... PAW Patrol Fanon Wiki is a FANDOM TV Community. bear, w-we don’t want any trouble.” said Aid. Ohohohoho!! I-I can’t thank you enough.” Aid said. After a night of tickling, the two pups needed a rest. ("Jet to the Rescue") Skye "Let's take to the sky!" “Hehehehehe!! The bears’ tickling did make him and Marshall exhausted. “Eeeheeeheeheehee!! !” Aid begged along side him. The two were smiling as they came in. “Hehehehehehehehe!! Marshall and Aid are on their way.” said Ryder. What do you mean a bear came out of nowhere? I NEEHEEHEEHEED A BREHEHEHEAK!! I don’t mind at all!” said Aid, and he barked out his first aid kit, which his robotic hands placed in front of him. This is what we're doing today right Marshall seriously get with it. To find out how your personal information will be used please read our. “You are very brave.” And after that, she gave him a light kiss on the left side of his face, making him blush a deep red. Despite all of his silliness, he helps Ryder countless times during missions. “Yeah, unless they just happen to come up right now.” said Rubble. Sep 25, 2015 - Explore Kion The Lion Guard's board "Paw Patrol Marshall", followed by 442 people on Pinterest. Marshall huddled closely to Aid’s soft fur, and Aid snuggled with the mother bear. “Did you say that they also… tickled you?” she asked. Chase and Rocky laughed. Ryder knew Dalmatian, as well as Skye, but Fauna was on a blank. !” he giggled. “Oh Marshall, I’m so glad you’re okay.” Ember said while hugging Marshall. Ember just smiled as she tickled the two pups for five more minutes, before letting them go. It took a little bit of time, but Aid finally snapped his memory back into his brain. Marshall and Aid looked at each other. By signing, I agree to the Build-A-Bear Global. “Alright, Fauna, Skye, let’s get this chick back to its nest.” said Ryder. Enter your City, State or Postal Code to view product availability in a Build-A-Bear Workshop near you. “It’s okay. And Aid too.” she said while looking out into the distance. Marshall nodded while still laughing. I also have a look and find Paw Patrol obviously Paw Patrol. Zoomer Marshall is on a roll! Let’s dive in. Paw Patrol is copyrighted to Nickelodeon, Viacom, and Spinmaster. “She’s only got a couple of scrapes. Chase Chase is Paw Patrol member number 2 and is a German Shepherd. “But without Aid, I probably would not have been so brave.” he added. !” Aid laughed back. Marshall used his X-ray to scan for anything serious. They were amazed. The panted yet again as they caught their breaths. Just like how you understand when I get clumsy sometimes.” Marshall said. Playing next. “Now, what about you and !” Marshall laughed. But neither of them knew that it was getting darker outside. Playing next. Eventually, they finished Herbie’s greenhouse. Fauna wanted her to smile, at least a little. “Sure!” said Marshall. Browse more videos. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Marshall saw Aid’s shadow appearing on a tree. Their merged shipping named are "Marshma" and "Zumarshall". I’m sure they’re okay.” said Skye as she went up to Ember to comfort her. “Doesn’t that look like the rock I hid behind?” Marshall asked. Aid was a little confused. He went along with Aid, following the bears. “I hope my son is okay.” she said. My greenhouse is finished! Her mouth was big enough, and they were small enough. Rubble followed with Aid going afterward. Marshall and Aid wagged their tails at the sight of them. “I understand. Buhuhut why?!! (Germany) "This puppy's gotta fly!" But before they could think about returning home, they saw that it was night already. Follow. he headed to some nearby rocks and hid behind them. Find out as they spend a night, and a day with a family of a kind. “Hey, that looks familiar.” said Marshall. The father bear began licking Aid’s left side. “I know! “Thank you Marshall.” said Fauna. “Okay.” said Fauna, and winced at the pain. “No mommy, they took care of me and Aid. Meanwhile, Fauna was holding her paw in pain. N-now I remember.” he said. Ember’s worry was halted for a second when she saw Marshall’s expression. #fizzyfunhouse #fizzy The Paw Patrol puppies Marshall and Everest morning routine! “Now it’s my turn to hide. “Well I came here to visit Marshall and Aid, because I’ve got something for them. with our ambulances.” Marshall said gratefully. "Let's flip to the sky!" This page showcases the team's catchphrases. !” Marshall laughed. Watch as Marshall slips, falls, trips and dives into his PAW Patrol pals all around Adventure Bay in this pup-tastic video. "Yeah;" Ryder said, and then started to feel bad for Marshall, feeling as if he let him down as a leader. “W-we’re near b-b-b-bears.” Aid stammered. It seemed like forever to them. “Good idea.” said Marshall. The least that these bears do is tickle you.” Aid said. Zoomer Marshall is on a roll! “Y-yeah, you helped me s-so many times. “Marshall!! Don’t miss out on PAWsome sales, new arrivals and more. One dad kept himself grounded by launching an investigation into whether Paw Patrol's Ryder "plays favorites." "I'm super fired up!" After that brief moment, they stepped aside and showed Marshall and Aid something that made them gasp. Each Real Talking plush Pup comes with a badge, their Paw Patrol vest and hat. © 2015 Spin Master PAW Productions Inc. All Rights Reserved. MEEHEEHEHEHE TOOHOHOHOHOHOO!! I will be working closely with the paw patrol to try to get this cleared up as soon as possible, in meantime please help by staying home, thank you!" “Yeah, it was mother bear.” Marshall said. “Uhhhh, did we know that i-it was nighttime?” asked Aid. The press conference ended and the town got into panic. “Not over here.” Aid whispered. “Yeah, those bears sure made us tired after all that tickling.” Marshall said. Thahahahat tihihihihickles Ehehehehember! “Let’s keep following the bears.” Marshall said. - PAW Patrol - Ryder started talking through Pup-Pad - to … That’s when he received a lick in the left side of his face. “I know, it is rather worry worthy to know that two pups are missing, but have faith that they are alright.” he said. “Where did “You’re right.” she said. I know you guys can help her.” said Ryder. The most common paw patrol marshall material is cotton. “Nope! This made Marshall feel better. !” she asked nervously. “Eeeheeeheeheehee!! Aid couldn’t agree more. Perfect for bedtime or playtime Marshall comes with you wherever you go and helps you on all of your Paw Patrol adventures throughout the day! “You think they’re gonna…” Marshall was saying, before he felt the boy cub lick his belly. With 80+ interactive missions and tricks, including performing the Pup Pup Boogie and Paw Patrol Theme, there's so much to do with Zoomer Marshall! “Yeah, even though they’re probably big.” said Fauna. Until then, t-take care!” Aid said as he gave them a wave. And I can’t wait to get started on taking care of my plants again!” said Herbie excitedly.

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