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Gorgeous diamond effect pearl paints in 2L cans Product to select from more than twenty shades below. Hopefully, if you had any questions about pearl white car paints, our article has helped explain what makes pearls work, why they look so rich and vibrant and help reduce any confusion you might have had concerning them and other colors such as their metallic paint counterparts. Pros of Pearlescent Auto Paint: The main benefit of auto paint with a pearlescent finish is that it makes your vehicle look super cool. However, the downside of this is a poor hiding or covering product which means a hiding or opaque layer must be used beneath. Stardust offers 4 series of pearlescent paints, check out these exceptional color ranges in the sub-categories below. UreChem Paints 38 South Park Dr Perkinston, MS 39573 (601) 928-5197, Hot Pink Pearl Color on a Ninja Motorcycle, Sunset Orange Pearl Classic Chevrolet Truck, Understanding the Different Types of Pearl Car Paint Pigments. Galaxy car made with blackest black paint and a pearlescent topcoat Rusty Blazenhoff 4:26 am Fri Jan 15, 2021 The world's blackest paint, Musou Black , absorbs 99.4% of light. Pearlescent paint is not just paint with glitter in it. 250ml size Several shades available, Black/Colour Effect5 colours to choose fromRedGoldBluePurpleGreen In stock, Today, 90% of the shades on motorcycles and cars are. Pearlescent paint job on a Toyota Supra car Playing surface of a compact disc. When you need pearlescent car paint, Chipex can formulate it especially for you. Pearlescent paint - Thommo A friend of mine is looking to buy a new car (Peugeot)and fancies pearlescent paint. Having relieved you … If your car paint is a little bit more unique than standard, every day car paint, you’re probably extra worried about damaging it in anyway. U.S. Art Supply 8 Color Metallic Acrylic Paint Jar Set 100ml Bottles (3.33 fl oz) - Professional Artist Bright and Vivid Pearlescent Metallic Colors great for Acrylic Pouring shimmer effects 4.7 out of 5 stars 399 As a result of the colored component of the pearl pigment, these colors are said to have more color depth and chroma than metallic colors. The mica that refracts particles adds an extra oomph and brings rich color variance to what otherwise might have been a standard monotone finish. Here is an effect created exclusively by Stardust colorists, originally in response to frequent requests from painters looking for a black chameleon effect : The paint Black Interference was born, with the property of giving a colored reflection to the pure black color. Apply 2-3 coats of Base coat Today, 90% of the shades on motorcycles and cars are types of body paint containing pearlescent pigments. 09 (Sand, Prime, etc.) pros: beautiful sparkling pearl shimmer, cleaner, less dingy than others in light colors like white tricoats cons: more expensive than traditional mica pearl white car paint colors, limited colored shimmers, some prefer smaller sparkle. There are 10 of them, sorted and chosen from the most sought-after colors, and also the most amazing ones : the most beautiful paints in the world are made with the most expensive and special pigments. Move your mouse over image or click to enlarge. Pearl car paints are created by the mixture of pigments and dyes with the addition of pearlescent pigment to obtain wide varieties of color. has smaller ceramic crystals (usually “mica”) that reflect multiple colours under the same light by refracting it differently. Known as a very affordable series in terms of prices, this. Even just using a tinted lacquer can have a dramatic effect. In fact, some pigments have such little transparency (opaque = low transparency) such as white that pearl pigments are typically completed obscured and no pearl effect is observed when blended together. These pigments give their name to pearlescent paints. This class of pearls sees very little use in automotive OEM (orginal factory finish) coatings as they provide more of a unique look and they are commonly larger in size which presents some challenges on assembly line operations. Apply Pearl over any colour base coat but also Pearl colours can also be mixed with our other products i.e. Pearlescent car paint has a fine, variable gloss effect depending on the light or angle of view. . Paint with an opalescent pearlescent sheen, Systems for chroming - silver spraying equipment, Motorcycle and scooter paint code - Can or spray paint, HVLP Spray Guns for car and motorcycle paints, Preparation Kit for bodywork before painting, Contact the different services of Stardustcolors. A relative has told him that pearlescent paint has a worse finish level than ordinary/metallic paint and is more prone to scratches. Parce que les animaux sont des êtres sensibles, ouvrons les yeux sur le pêche, les élevages et les abattoirs. Product Details. Pearlescent Colors. Two-stage car paint colors systems are generally referred to as a basecoat clearcoat system where you will have a colored pearl basecoat and the clearcoat. These Pearlescent Paints Diamond offer a choice of 38 bright and vivid colors, where each user will be able to find a shade to his or her taste. Cleaning & Care. containing pearlescent pigments. pros: large sparkle = high brilliance; unique look cons:  much more expensive than mica based pearl white car paint colors, often takes extra clear to bury profile. However, the opacity or “coverage” of pearl colors is generally less than that of its metallic counter parts so vehicles must be painted all one color prior to panting with the pearl layer. Not only do we have the best in Automotive Pearl Paints, but we also have the best pricing. Apply over AutoBorne Sealer 6001 White for bright colors, 6002 Black for darker pearl colors. There are many types of pigments, dyes and pearlescent pigments available to provide an endless array of color combinations. Chose your colour in the scrolling menu MULTICOLORZ, Multicolorz series SIMPLICITY AND ELEGANCE The MulticolorZ range offers a selection of some automotive colours, showing elegant shades and gorgeous pearly effects. Price match guarantee. Item code: 006045. This paint adds a rich finish to your work. Made with lightfast, automotive-grade pigments and a durable, exterior-grade acrylic resin. In the same way, a metallic white is impossible, because of the grey color of the metal pigment. Two-stage paints are generally easier to apply than three-stage paints as they only have a basecoat and a topcoat/clearcoat to worry about. Per Newly Chameleon Paint, Multi-Color Shift Paint Pigment Powder Odorless Pearlescent Pigment Powder Non Toxic Colorshift Pearl Paint Pigment Color Shift Spray Paint Best Service $12.24 $ 12 . Those are reflective flakes of aluminum in the base coat of varying sizes that look like glitter. These provide the highest sparkle in the pearl category and also offer some nice clear tri-coat looks, even in lighter colors. Shop and save now! These are the famous interferential effects developed by Stardust, which make it possible to play with combinations over any background color. 2,253 car pearlescent paint products are offered for sale by suppliers on, of which pigment accounts for 23%, car paint accounts for 3%, and appliance paint accounts for 2%. For instance, if gold pearl were added to a jet black paint the medium color would be jet black while the sparkle color would be gold. Depending on the level of pearl pigment added the effect could range from looking like a jet black with a very subtle gold sparkle (low concentration of pearl pigment) to a dark copper-ish gold color (high concentration of pearl). There are literally hundreds of varieties and colors of mica pearl white car paint colors. Pearl pigments are created by a layering of specific metal oxides and complexes to very specific thicknesses on varying substrates. Pearlescent car paint has a fine, variable gloss effect depending on the light or angle of view. Other types "create the color" only from the reflection of light. Additionally, they generally cost less than their three-stage counterparts as well. Xirallic pearls are widely used in automotive finishes despite being substantially more expensive than mica pearls on average. These colors are formulated with mother-of-pearl, and the term "metallic" is a popularization. Mica Pearl White Car Paints are the most common type of pearl and have been used in the automotive coatings industry for well over 50 years. Often color stylist try to balance pearl effect with opacity/coverage to make colors that are more suitable for factory and aftermarket application conditions. Pearlescent Paint. Glitter Pearl Diamond paint in 1/4 L size, pre-dilutedApplication on white or black background Please refer to the colour chart in PDF, Glitter Pearl Diamond paintApplication on white or black background Please refer to the colour chart in PDF, Iridescent paint - 1.5L Kit Bright colours with iridiscent effect DELIVERY : In stock – in 48h, Multicolorz series SIMPLICITY AND ELEGANCE The MulticolorZ range displays some automotive colours, showing beautiful  pearly effects and elegant hues. Diamond is a new type of paint based on mother-of-pearl silicon glass, ultra reflective and a mixture of Candy inks. Pearl paints may look similar to a metallic paint because of their final coating but they are not alike. Pearlescent (Pearl or Mica) Paint. There are many types of pigments, dyes and pearlescent pigments available to provide an endless array of color combinations. pros:  wide range of colors and sizes, relatively low cost, ease of availability cons:  typically not as chromatic (“clean”) and sparkling as xirallic and glass based pearls. Today, 90% of the shades on motorcycles and cars are types of body paint containing pearlescent pigments.

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