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I am now working as a lecturer at St Mary's University in Twickenham. improve your browsing experience. “The Philosophy Department invests a lot of time and energy into its students. Throughout the year, the School of Philosophy hosts several spring lectures and an annual fall lecture series, hosting prominent scholars and open to university students and the public. The UvA website uses cookies and similar technologies to ensure the basic functionality of the site and for statistical and optimisation purposes. Join us as a postgraduate researcher at Reading and we will support you at every stage, helping you to deliver research that counts. In a nutshell, philosophy is about trying to make sense of the way the world is and what is of value in it. Find out how that will affect your experience on our The Philosophy Department not only trains you to be a good philosopher; it also prepares you for what happens after your degree. In addition, the Graduate School also offer a programme of transferable skills training. The philosophy department has joined with the Bioethics Program of Clarkson University and Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai to offer a dual degree program. The study of philosophy is central to the mission of every great university. Bringing together researchers from different disciplines, it enables cross-discipline discussion and hosts events to promote new and existing research collaborations. The Department of Philosophy is part of the University's 'Heritage and Creativity' research theme. December 15, 2020. Lectures Series. Explore the University's beautiful grounds and see if we're a fit for you. Our PhD students often go on to work in academia as postdoctoral researchers and research fellows, and now hold academic positions at a number of universities around the world, including: Others choose to enter professions including teaching, publishing, law and business. We care about our students' experience, and are committed to delivering exceptional standards across all of our philosophy courses. Find out how that will affect your experience on our Join our renowned centre of research excellence, Undergraduate and postgraduate taught courses. Pathways to the PhD and MS degree He became Assistant Professor in Logic and Philosophy of Language at the Ludwig-Maximilians University, Munich, and the Munich Centre for Mathematical Philosophy, before joining Birkbeck in 2015. Our research centres host monthly seminars, workshops and conferences, while the Department's postgraduate community has its own annual workshop where students present on their research. PhD Reading Lists in Philosophy [Version 2 (20 June, 2017)] We have not strived to encompass entire fields of philosophy in anything like an encyclopedic manner (that would anyway have been both impossible and undesirable), but to provide in each case a sensible selection whetting the PhD student’s appetite for a field not her own and The Department of Philosophy at the University of Chicago is distinctive in combining a humanistic orientation with a commitment to philosophical rigor. The Philosophy department at the University of Edinburgh ranks highly for research. Philosophy contemplates the act of thinking. Dr Florian Steinberger was educated at the University of Paris, Panthéon-Sorbonne, and the University of Cambridge. (The seminar meets everyother week.) ... Alice Crary has recently developed a radical reading of J. L. Austin's philosophy of language. By continuing to use our site you accept these terms, and are happy for us to use cookies to You will benefit from training sessions covering a variety of topics to help you get the most out of your research. PhD Philosophy programme. Our courses are designed to explore the role of philosophy in the twenty-first century. “I found the Philosophy Department at Reading to be very friendly and supportive, and I was grateful for the opportunity to teach undergraduates as a sessional lecturer, which was extremely rewarding. I couldn't have had further support – feedback was always prompt, invaluable and honest. To study philosophy is to learn to think well. ... Our PhD students are actively encouraged to attend our research seminars, reading groups and join in other philosophy events. Classical Philology Latin. Ng … Continue reading → “The doctoral community at Reading was essential to my learning experience – we encouraged each other to do the best work we could. "Philosophy seminars honed my ability to debate effectively using reason and logic. At Reading we confront real-world issues in a clear-headed way. Philosophy and Classics Joint Program (Classics Track) A job in academia is exactly what I wanted and I am immensely grateful to Reading for allowing me to get this position.”. Top 150 in the world for History, Philosophy and Theology (Times Higher Education World University Rankings by Subject 2021). The degree of Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) is the University's principal research degree for graduate students and is available in all faculties and departments. ... University of Reading. These are difficult questions. The Department of Philosophy is part of the University's 'Heritage and Creativity' research theme. We're proud of the diverse, connecting and relevant culture throughout our Department, which grounds our high-quality teaching and cutting-edge research in the real world. Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) As a postgraduate research student at the Institute of Education (IoE) at the University of Reading, you will be part of a vibrant and diverse research community, working alongside leading experts within education. We offer intensive research-training degrees, complemented by rigorous supervision in a relaxed and friendly environment. As part of the University's General Education Program, the Department strives to imbue students with skills required for critical thinking and problem solving and an appreciation of their human and cultural heritage. Everything will still work, but it is even more beautiful with Javascript in action. Throughout your PhD you will have opportunities to communicate your work and network with other researchers. The purpose of earning a Ph.D. in Philosophy is to become an independent scholar as well as a teacher of the subject. Is there a God? site. At Reading we open the mind with the big questions and exercise it with imagination and logical rigour. Cookie Consent. Program. Close Undergraduate and Honours Studying Philosophy allows you to explore influential ideas, from ancient philosophy to cutting-edge concepts on pressing ethical issues, the nature of mind, and artificial intelligence. We are able to offer supervision in most areas of philosophy, including our staff's particular specialities.

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